Maternal Care Quality Collaborative

The New Jersey Maternal Care Quality Collaborative (NJMCQC) serves as the state’s legislated 34-member maternal health task force. The NJMCQC was formed to improve maternal health outcomes by catalyzing a multidisciplinary collaboration, analyzing maternal health data, and promoting timely innovation and education at the consumer, provider, and system levels. The collaborative will coordinate efforts and strategies aimed at reducing severe maternal morbidity (SMM) and mortality, and racial/ethnic disparities across the state. 

 The NJMCQC works collaboratively with state agencies, private organizations and individual public members that are developing and implementing strategies aimed at reducing SMM and maternal mortality across New Jersey. The NJMCQC will convene public quarterly meetings to: (1) promote cross-sector buy-in; (2) implement NJ Department of Health (NJDOH)-related elements of the Nurture NJ Strategic Plan; (3) assess and translate data into actionable change; (4) strategize on future activities in line with federal and state-specific program objectives; and (5) review and solicit funding. 

 The NJMCQC is part of the HRSA-funded New Jersey State Maternal Health Innovation Program (NJSMHIP), a selective, five-year innovation program created to complement ongoing Maternal and Child Health Title V Block Grant programs across the country. 

Mission and Vision


Ensure that all marginalized birthing people, particularly Black and Latinx women achieve maternal and infant health and survival rates on par with other vulnerable groups. Ensure that New Jersey achieves a significant and sustained improvement in the overall maternal and infant morbidity and mortality rates. 


Through dynamic collaboration, the NJMCQC will contribute to making New Jersey the safest and most equitable place to have and raise a baby.

Last Reviewed: 9/14/2023