Did You Know?

  • People are spending more time than ever before at work, resulting in our worksites playing a large part in our overall health?
  • An unhealthy workforce impacts employers' bottom lines?
  • Poor health among workers is associated with workers being absent, being less productive at work, and costing employers more in health care costs.
  • Worksite wellness programs improve employee health and increase worker productivity?
  • On average, for every $1 an employer spends on worksite wellness programs, they save $3.48?

For Worksites

Many employers believe that creating a culture of health in the workplace by encouraging and supporting healthy behaviors like physical activity can help attract and retain high quality employees. The Department of Health supports employers in these efforts.

Working Well Toolkit

Americans spend one-third of their time at work. With the goal of promoting healthy behaviors and preventing chronic illness, the New Jersey Department of Health is pleased to offer this toolkit to New Jersey businesses that want to implement a worksite wellness program for their employees.

Learn evidence-based best practices that increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, lower accidents, reduce turnover, and much more.  Well-designed worksite wellness programs have been shown to provide a significant return on investment.

The toolkit has been pilot-tested in 24 New Jersey worksites and it is free.  We ask that you register to receive a copy by filling out a survey that enables us to track who obtains the toolkit and how it is used so that we can determine its impact and maximize its benefit for New Jersey employers and their workforce.

You will receive your toolkit electronically within 3 workdays following completion of the 15 minute survey.

Register for Wellness Toolkit

Worksite Wellness Initiative

What are we doing?

The goal of the Worksite Wellness initiative is to Increase physical activity of employees during work hours. NJ Department of Health contracts with The Salem Health and Wellness Foundation to work with small to medium size business (up to 500 employees) in Salem County to increase physical activity of their employees to decrease health care costs, absenteeism and sick time and increase productivity.  Salem county is a high need county with high rates of diabetes, heart disease, tobacco use and obesity which can be impacted through this project.  

Last Reviewed: 12/20/2017