Laboratory Response Network

The Laboratory Response Network is a network of local, state, federal and international laboratories poised to provide an articulated response in a biological or chemical emergency. The New Jersey PHEL and all clinical laboratories are part of the LRN in New Jersey.

  • For the public: If there is a suspicion that a substance (white powder) may contain a biological weapon, or if you witness a chemical spill, or suspicious behavior please contact your local police department or regional FBI office to report. FBI Newark Office: 973-792-3000
  • Clinical laboratories detecting suspect agents in human specimens, contact the Communicable Disease Service at 609-826-5964 Monday-Friday 8AM – 5 PM, to discuss your findings. Be prepared to discuss information about the specimen as related to the ASM Sentinel Laboratory guideline criteria.
  • Clinicians caring for patients who may be infected with a highly infectious agent, contact the local health department where the patient resides. Alternately you may contact the Communicable Disease Service at at 609-826-5964 Monday-Friday 8AM – 5 PM.
  • New Jersey Department of Health off-hours emergency contact: 609-392-2020
Last Reviewed: 8/10/2016