Right to Know

The New Jersey Worker and Community Right to Know Act requires public and private employers to provide information about hazardous substances at their workplaces. The Act:

  • Informs public employees about chemical hazards at their workplace so they can work safely with these hazardous substances;
  • Helps firefighters, police, and other emergency responders adequately plan for and respond to incidents such as fires, explosions or spills;
  • Provides data for monitoring and tracking hazardous substances in the workplace and the environment.
How Right to Know Can Protect You and Your Family

Harmful substances may be present at your workplace and at other workplaces in your community, or may be released into the environment. They may also be carried home to your family on work clothes. As a public employee, you can obtain information about hazardous substances from documents in your workplace's Right to Know (RTK) central file.

Knowing about hazardous substances and how they harm you can help you obtain the proper diagnosis and treatment if you should become sick. More importantly, awareness about hazardous substances and your potential exposure to them can help you make important decisions about your employment.

Last Reviewed: 12/6/2021