2022 RTK Survey


Deadline for the 2022 RTK Survey Submission is July 15, 2023

If you are an "Employer Responsible Right to Know Official" (ERRO), a "Facility Survey Coordinator", or a RTK Consultant and you have set up your account and have access to the RTK Survey Online System, then the 2022 RTK Survey(s) are waiting to be completed in our online RTK Survey System.

If you do not have an account set up and access the RTK Online Survey System, then follow the General RTK Survey Instructions. General Instructions [pdf 2mb]

Getting Started:

  • Review all the information from the 2022 RTK Survey cover page and inventory pages and determine which information, if any, needs to be updated. You may have new products to report, old products to delete, inventory amounts to update.
  • A survey is required even if there are no hazardous substances to report, and even if there have been no changes to the information on the 2021RTK Survey.
  • The 2021 RTK Survey must be submitted before you can begin work on the 2022 RTK Survey.
  • If a consultant is hired to help complete your survey the consultant cannot submit it. Someone who works for the public employer and has been assigned responsibility for must, review, sign and submit the survey.
  • All inventory information from your 2021 RTK Survey will be loaded into your 2022 RTK Survey

Preparing to Complete the RTK Survey:

  • Properly dispose of any chemicals that are not in use.
  • Organize the remaining containers of chemicals and products so that quantities are easy to count.
  • Obtain a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) or Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for each product or chemical in your inventory. MSDS’s and SDS’s are available from the product’s manufacturer.
  • Using the ingredient information, provided on the manufacturer’s MSDS, SDS, and/or product labels, identify the chemicals ingredients that are on the RTK Hazardous Substance List that need to be reported. You can search the List using the RTK substance #, chemical name, CAS #, or DOT #. Only chemical ingredients that are on the RTK Hazardous Substance List can be reported in the RTK Survey Online system.
  • Identify staff that will help gather information about chemicals in their work areas.
  • Identify staff that will be assigned facility surveys and inventories to complete.
  • Use the "Reports for This Survey" feature to generate a report from the previous year’s survey that organizes each facility’s inventory by location, manufacturer, purpose, etc. Take the report with you to the areas where chemicals are listed from last year are still onsite. Make notes of any changes to the inventory amounts and number of employees exposed, etc. Use this information to add or delete products or make changes to your inventory for 2022 RTK Survey Online.

Note: Community Right to Know Surveys from private employers are to be submitted to the NJDEP.

Last Reviewed: 1/19/2023