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Governor Christie Significantly Increases Funding for Key Priorities Since Taking Office (FY2012 Budget Compared to FY2010 Budget) 

Key Program

FY2010 Approp Act

FY2012 Approp Act

Increase in Funding


State funding for Medicaid and NJ FamilyCare, Disability Services and Senior Services (Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care)

$2,711,890,000 $3,693,946,000 +$982,056,000

Education Formula Aid

Provides for an increase in support to local school districts for the provision of a thorough and efficient system of education

$6,875,565,000 $7,680,410,000 +$804,845,000

TANF, General Assistance, and Supplemental Security Income

Monthly grants and emergency assistance to New Jersey’s welfare clients

$259,849,000 $307,308,000 + $47,459,000

Hospital Funding

State and federal (non-ARRA) funding for hospitals that includes: Charity Care, Hosp Stab Fund, Graduate Med Education, Hosp Relief Subsidy Fund

$896,600,000 $927,600,000 + $31,000,000

Senior and Disabled Citizens’ Property Tax Relief

Reimburses eligible senior citizens and disabled persons for increases in their property taxes compared to the year they enrolled



(Includes $30,000,000 to fully fund Tax Relief)

+ $58,900,000

Extraordinary Special Education Costs Aid

Provides a percentage of reimbursement aid for students whose special needs require funds above $40,000

$140,095,000 $162,731,000

+ $22,636,000

Community Based Housing Support Services

Funding for the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services to develop community-based housing and related support services for clients discharged from the State’s psychiatric hospitals

$46,555,000 $65,631,000 + $19,076,000

Community Placement Services for Clients in Need

Funds costs associated with community placements for clients discharged from the State’s developmental centers

$25,106,000 $43,524,000 + $18,418,000

Preschool Education Aid

Funding to support existing preschool programs in both Abbott and non-Abbott school districts

$596,094,000 $613,330,000 + $17,236,000

Subsidized Adoption

Provides subsidy payments for hard to place children in adoptive homes

$104,715,000 $121,008,000 + $16,293,000

School Choice Aid

Provides State funding to support the local share of funding for students transferring out-of-district to approved school choice districts

$8,976,000 $22,268,000 + $13,292,000

Public Transportation Services

Funding to New Jersey Transit for railroad and bus operations

$296,200,000 $309,400,000 + $13,200,000

Emergency Community Placement Services for People with Disabilities

Funds costs for community residential placements on an emergency basis

$0 $9,608,000 + $9,608,000

Community Services Waiting List Placements

Funds costs for services provided to clients who had been on the Division of Developmental Disabilities’ Community Services Waiting List

$4,000,000 $11,116,000 + $7,116,000

Day Program Age Outs

Dedicates funding to address the needs of young adults with developmental disabilities by providing a seamless transition from special education entitlement to adult day-programming

$0 $5,886,000 + $5,886,000

State Police Trooper Class

Funding for 151st State Police Trooper recruit class and partial year salaries associated with the graduating troopers

$0 $5,153,000 + $5,153,000

Care Management Organizations

Provides children with severe emotional and behavioral problems intensive case management, both in and out of the home

$32,617,000 $35,617,000 + $3,000,000

Early Childhood Intervention Program

Grants to public and private agencies to address the needs of children with developmental delays or disabilities, and their families.

$91,399,000 $92,593,000 + $1,194,000

Residential Treatment Homes for Children

Makes possible residence in small group homes and residential facilities for specialized Children

$1,439,000 $2,976,000 +$1,537,000

Mobile Response for Children and Families in Crisis

Provides intervention services to children/families experiencing behavioral/emotional crisis within one hour in the location of the child/family

$9,956,000 $10,956,000 + $1,000,000
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