COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

NJ COVID-19 Guidance & Updates

Mental Health Lifelines & Hotlines

NJ Family Health Line

  • 24 Hour Helping Line for Expecting & New Moms.
  • 1-800-328-3838 (Multi-Language Services Available.)
  • Speak with experienced Nurses & Counselors regarding
    COVID-19, Addiction During Pregnancy, Perinatal Anxiety & Postpartum Depression.

Family Helpline (Parents Anonymous of NJ)

  • 24 Hour Helpline for Parents
  • 1-800-THE-KIDS (843-5437)
  • Speak to a sensitive, trained volunteer to work through frustrations & stressors before a crisis occurs. Volunteers provide empathic listening and referrals to resources in your community.

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

  • TextChat or Call 988.
  • Talk to someone 24/7.
  • The Lifeline is available for everyone, is free and confidential.

  • With Help Comes Hope, provides additional support for individuals living
    with suicidal thoughts & suicide attempts.

NJ Family Support

State Services & Resources

NJ Division of Mental Health & Addiction Services

Crisis and Mental Health Screening Centers 
NJ Directory of Adult Mental Health Services

Perinatal Mood Disorders & Postpartum Depression
Perinatal Addiction & Substance Use Treatment & Support Services

Home Visitation Services
(In Home Parent Preparation and Education Services)

NJ Disability Services & Resources Directory
(Comprehensive Booklet which includes NJ State,
County, Community & Professional Services & Resources)

Family Support Services for Special Situations & Parent Challenges 
2nd Floor (Confidential & Anonymous Youth & Young Adult Helpline) 

Support and Resources for Transgender Individuals & Their Families

Sexual Harassment, Violence & Assault (NJ State Police Victim Services)

Federal Resources

For Moms: Coping with Stress 
For Dads: Parenting & Support 

Strategies for Healthy Marriages 

Harassment in the Workplace 
Discrimination in the Workplace 

National Institute on Drug Abuse
National Institute for Mental Health 

Family Violence Prevention & Services 

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services

COVID-19: Coping, Managing Stress & Anxiety

988 Suicide & Crises Lifeline FAQs
(Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration)

988 Suicide Prevention & Mental Health Resources: Help Yourself  Help Others

Community Resources

Postpartum Depression, Services & Helpline
24 Hour Helpline dedicated to Maternal, Child & Family Health Issues
Postpartum Depression Counselors & Multi-Language Translation Services are available.

24 Hour Helpline for Mothers with Children with Special Needs 
Provides mom-to-mom support for mothers as caregivers, including mental health & wellness needs.
1-877-914-6662 (1-877-914-MOM2) 

NJ 211 (Access to Community Resources)
24 Hour Information Line for NJ State & Community Services & Resources
Dial: 211 or 1-877-652-1148
Initiate a LIVE CHAT via the NJ 211 website homepage to connect with a caring professional who
knows community resources and can help make help happen.

Transportation Services

NJ Transit (Public Transortation Services)
NJ Transit (Public Transportation Options for Families with Special Needs)

NJ 211 (Search Tool for Local Transportation Services) 

New Jersey Travel Independence Program (NJTIP @ Rutgers)
LogistiCare, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation for Medicaid Clients 
DHS, Division of Medical Assistance & Health Services, Medical Transportation 

Special Situations & Family Challenges

Stress Busters 

Military Families 
Teen Moms & Dads  
Incarcerated Parents 

Foster Care & Adoption 
Parents with Disabilities 

Separation and Divorce
Career & Family Transitions 

Domestic & Intimate Partner Violence 
Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect 
Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment