As a New Jersey residential customer*, if you sign-up for service from a Third Party Electric and/or Natural Gas Supplier, you have the right to receive this one-page summary of your contract that summarizes the most relevant contract terms:

Third Party Supplier Information:
By entering into this contract, you are agreeing to purchase your electric/gas supply from this supplier.
Name, telephone number, website, email, New Jersey mailing address and BPU license #.
Plain language statement that TPS is responsible for your supply.
Price Structure Fixed, or variable.  If fixed then variable, indicate the time frame of the fixed rates. If variable for any portion of the contract, state whether or not there are any applicable ranges/ceilings and whether a price change is tied to a published index or the utility Price to Compare, or what other method the supplier will use to change the variable rate.  
Generation/Supply Price Cost per therm or kilowatt hour.  If variable rate, the first billing cycle’s rate.  Any introductory rate with length of term.
Statement Regarding Savings Plain language that the supply price may not always provide savings to the customer.  If the contract provides for a specified level of savings, how that will be calculated (description of reference price).
Amount of time required to change from TPS back to default service or to another TPS Provide an estimated time frame in which a consumer can expect to be switched back to the EDC/GDC or to another TPS if the consumer cancels service with the current TPS - 30 days, one billing cycle, etc.
Incentives Any bonus, discounts, cashback, offers. etc., and any associated terms, in plain language.
Right to Cancel/Rescind Plain language statement that customer will have seven calendar days from the date of the LDC’s confirmation notice to contact its LDC and cancel this contract.
Contract Start Date Plain language regarding expected start of TPS service (meter reads/billing cycles/etc.)
Contract Term/Length In months, billing cycles, or provide exact end date, etc.
Cancellation/Early Termination Fees Yes or no.  If yes, describe the amount of the fee and how to avoid that fee, if possible.
Renewal Terms Explain what the customer’s options are at the end of the contract in plain language.  Also explain what happens at the end of a contract when affirmative consent is not obtained for renewal.
Distribution Company Information Name, emergency and toll-free customer service telephone numbers, and website.  Plain language statement that the GDC/EDC will continue to deliver the gas/electric and that the customer will continue to pay the GDC/EDC for this service. Plain language statement that the customer should call the GDC/EDC in the event of any emergencies/outages/etc.
The TPS Contract Summary must be provided in English and Spanish, include an explanation of fixed and variable rates, and explain how wether may affect variable contract.

*Any residential customer or commercial electric customer with a cumulative peak load of 50 kilowatts or less, or a commercial gas customer with a cumulative peak load of 5,000 or less therms.

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