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Boating Safety Certificate Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can I get a replacement New Jersey boating safety certificate?

A1: The Marine Services Bureau cannot replace Boating Safety Certificates over the phone. All requests for replacement must be E-mailed or sent through the United States Postal Service.

All requests must include the following information or they will not be processed:

  1. Full Legal Name:
    NOTE: In the case of a legal name change you must include your full legal name as it appeared on your original certificate as well as your current legal name, proof of name change (marriage certificate, divorce decree etc.).
  2. Date of Birth:
  3. Complete Current address:
    NOTE: In the case of an address change, you must include your address as it appeared on your original certificate as well as your current address. If you are unsure of the exact previous address, list all previous addresses that it could potentially be.
  4. Identification and Proof of Address:
    NOTE: Attach a photo or scanned copy (must be legible) of your driver’s license, and if your address changed make sure your driver’s license shows your new address, if it doesn’t please attach a photo or photocopy of a utility bill or statement etc. that shows your name with current address.
  5. Home Phone Number with Area Code:
    Daytime Phone Number with Area Code:
    E-mail Address:
  6. Reason for the Request of a Replacement Boating Safety Certificate::
    NOTE: (Examples: Lost, Stolen, Address Change, Damaged, etc.)
  7. Certificate Number as it appears on your Certificate (if known)

E-mail requests:

NOTE: Any attached photos or scanned copies of information must be in .jpg /.bmp format or in a Microsoft Word document.

Mail requests:

New Jersey State Police, Marine Services Bureau
Boating Safety Certificate
PO Box 7068
West Trenton, NJ 08628-0068

Mail requests:

Enlarge all images sent as they will not be legible otherwise.

Q2: What is a Boat License?

A2: It is an endorsement on your New Jersey Driver’s License or ID card that allows you to operate a vessel on non-tidal waters. It is not a replacement for your Boating Safety Certificate, but an additional required document for non-tidal waters. Follow the link below to find out more information about Boat License requirements.
View Non-Tidal Boat Operator License Requirements [pdf]

Q3: I am visiting New Jersey, do I need a Boat Safety Certificate?

A3: To operate a vessel upon the waters of this State, an individual would need one of the following: a Boat Safety Certificate issued in their home State, a New Jersey Boat Safety Certificate, United States Coast Guard Captain’s License, or written proof of completion of a safety course approved by N.A.S.B.L.A. or one substantially similar to a New Jersey Course.

Q4: I have taken a boating safety course in the past, how do I get a certificate?

A4: Contact the Marine Services Bureau using one of the methods listed in A1 above. Provide as much information about yourself and the class as possible.

Q5: My son/daughter took a safety course when there were 12, how can I get their certificate?

A5: Contact the Marine Services Bureau using one of the methods listed in A1 above. Provide as much information about your child and the class as possible.

Q6: I have a Boat Safety Certificate from another State and I am moving to New Jersey, will New Jersey issue a certificate based on that?

A6: No. The Marine Services Bureau can only issue New Jersey Boat Safety Certificates for successfully completed approved New Jersey courses. However, some courses taught in Pennsylvania and New York States are approved as New Jersey safety courses. In this case, the instructor of the course will provide you with a New Jersey State Police Application for a Boat Safety Certificate (S.P.421) to serve as your temporary Boat Safety Certificate. The Marine Services Bureau will send the instructor your permanent certificate for issuance to the student. If there is any question if this applies to your course, the matter has to be resolved by the course provider not the Marine Services Bureau.

Q7: Where can I take a Boat Safety Course?

Please click here for a list of New Jersey Boating Safety Course Providers near you. The New Jersey State Police, Marine Services Bureau does not provide the course at this time.

Q8: Can I take the boat safety course on-line?

A8: Yes. However, after successful completion of the internet portion of the course, the student will have to complete an in-person, proctored exam. The Marine Services Bureau cautions students, prior to beginning the on-line study, to check with the on-line course provider to insure they provide a testing location within driving distance from the student’s location.

Q9: For a non-emergency question pertaining to boating safety certificates, can I call the Marine Services Bureau?

A9: Yes, you can call the Marine Services Bureau for any non-emergency Boating Safety Certificate related question, Monday through Friday, from 9am until 2pm (except State Holidays). Please be sure to review the information on our website prior to calling us! Our phone number is: 609 - 882 - 2000 extension 6170.

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