Enabling Legislation

58:14-2. Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioners; body corporate; general powers
The board of commissioners known as the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioners, the first members of which were appointed under the act entitled "An act authorizing the appointment and defining the powers and duties of commissioners in sewage and drainage districts created for the purpose of relieving the streams and rivers therein from pollution, and to provide a plan for the prevention thereof and providing for the raising, expenditure and payment of moneys necessary for this purpose," approved March twenty-seventh, one thousand nine hundred and two (L.1902, c. 49, p. 195), is continued as a body politic and corporate, with perpetual succession under said name of Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioners, hereinafter in this chapter designated as the "commissioners" , with power to sue and be sued and to adopt and use a corporate seal, and with the right, power and authority to acquire, hold, use and dispose of all such property, real and personal, as may be proper or necessary, and with all other power and authority proper or necessary to carry out and effectuate the purposes for which the board is created.


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Rates and Charges

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