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Department of Environmental Protection

The present-day Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has its origins in a number of conservation-related state agencies and commissions established in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. These include various offices that monitored and regulated the supply and quality of natural resources (e.g., water, wildlife, shellfish, forests and parks) and the New Jersey Geological Survey.

The first consolidation of these functions occurred in 1915 with the creation of the Department of Conservation and Development. In 1944, the Department of Economic Development was established separately, and the following year the Department of Conservation and Development was renamed to the Department of Conservation. In 1948, the two departments were united as the Department of Conservation and Economic Development. This became DEP by 1970 law. During 1991-1994 the department also had energy-related functions and held the name Department of Environmental Protection and Energy.

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Work at Trenton Battle Monument, 28 October 1948. Division of Parks and Forestry / Photographs Filed bySubject.
  Department of Environmental Protection
  DEP - Predecessor Agencies (excluding New Jersey Geological Survey)
  New Jersey Geological Survey
  see also Water Supply and Policy Commissions