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Documentary Treasures

The links below celebrate our state and colonial charters, and other monumental documents from New Jersey's rich history.

New Jersey State Constitutions

Here you will find images and transcriptions of all 3 New Jersey's State Constitutions. The first was signed July 2, 1776, after only five days of composition; the second, in 1844, shifted power to the executive branch; and the third, in 1947, was completed after a 3 month convention and reorganized New Jersey's judicial system.
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Appointments and Oaths

New Jersey State Archives has just posted a rich collection of images of governors' oaths of office from 1790 to the present. Many of the oaths are, in fact, illuminated parchments. They are not only historical treasures, but are also a pleasure to look at.
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Documents relating to the United States Constitution

These documents relate to New Jersey’s original federal charters and amendment ratifications. This section includes 170 web pages of images and transcriptions of New Jersey’s manuscript Ratification Convention Minutes, Engrossed Ratification, Bill of Rights, and the various actions of the State Legislature relative to the 27 constitutional amendments.
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