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New Jersey State Constitutions

1776 State Constitution

On 2 July 1776, New Jersey became the fourth American colony to adopt a constitution declaring independence from Great Britain. It was composed in five days and although the delegates considered it a temporary charter, it remained New Jersey's state constitution for sixty-eight years.
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1844 State Constitution

New Jersey's second constitution shifted governmental power, which had been vested disproportionately in the legislature under the state's first charter, to the executive branch. In addition to direct election of the governor by the voters, the 1844 State Constitution also provided for gubernatorial veto power and the appointment of most high-level officials by the governor.
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1947 State Constitution

New Jersey's current state constitution was drafted by a convention of delegates from each county, convened from 12 June to 10 September 1947. The new charter further strengthened the Office of the Governor and reorganized and unified the judicial system under the Supreme Court.
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