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Department of Institutions & Agencies

In 1919, the newly created Department of Institutions and Agencies was charged with general oversight of the state's various programs relating to psychiatric care, correctional institutions, and guardianship of children. In 1977, it was divided into the Department of Human Services (to administer state hospitals and services for children, etc.) and the Department of Corrections (to administer state prisons and reformatories). Since most state institutions pre-date this administrative change, the Archives’ holdings for all three departments and related agencies are included together.

  Clinton Farms
Farming at Clinton Reformatory for Women, no date.
  Department of Institutions and Agencies – Administrative Records
  Human services–related collections:
    Trenton Psychiatric Hospital
    Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital
    State Village for Epileptics at Skillman
    Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital
    New Jersey Neuro-Psychiatric Institute
    Other State Schools/Developmental Centers
    Medical and Veterans Hospitals
    Children’s and Youth/Family Services
    Administrative/Miscellaneous Records


Corrections–related collections:


New Jersey State Prison at Trenton


New Jersey State Reformatory for Women at Clinton


Other Facilities and Administrative Records