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10 Years @ 225 West Street

In April 2010, New Jersey State Archives celebrated the tenth anniversary of its relocation to 225 West State Street from its former quarters in the State Library. The Archives officially opened its doors to the public in the current facility on April 25, 2000. To recognize the ten-year milestone, on April 29th, 2010, the Archives hosted a day-long reception and open house for New Jersey’s historical community and colleagues in state government. More than 60 visitors enjoyed special exhibits of treasures from the Archives’ vaults, presentations and displays illustrating the move preparations andrelocation in 2000, and participated in tours of the Archives.
Also in conjunction with the celebration, on May 13th the State Archives hosted the County Archives and Records Management Association, providing an overview of the Archives’ services and programs and offering tours to CARMA members.

Images of the Move Preparation and Relocation, 1999-2000

Nick Turse sorts Burlington County court papers during the move preparation.

  Beth Colosimo creates a mylar cover and clamshell box for a naturalization book.

Sean Curry labeling clamshell boxes during move prep.

  Ethan Betten attaching hundreds of shelving number tags.

Joseph Klett and Ellen Callahan cleaning the new shelves before the move.

  Catherine Medich (left) and Ellen Callahan (right) prepare a move cart.

Joanne Nestor applying last minute labels.

  Greg Gill getting psychologically prepared for another truck load.

Up the ramp to the loading dock!

  Sean Curry, Greg Gill and Joe Klett with shrink-wrapped move carts.

Everyone has to drive the truck!

  Sean Curry loading the new shelving.

Catherine Medich unpacking the microfilm collection.

  Relocating the vault contents. We've officially moved. 

The Need for a New Archives, Move Preparations and the Relocation, 1987-2000

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Images from the Anniversary Celebration, April 29, 2010

"Happy Anniversary to us!"

  NJDARM Director Karl J. Niederer (right) and Deputy Director for Archives Joseph R. Klett (left) divvying up the cake.

New Jersey Historical Commission Executive Director Marc Mappen joins Mr. Niederer and Mr. Klett in the celebration.

  Mr. Niederer leading a tour of the Archives.

Mr. Klett conducting a tour.

  Lottery for reproductions of treasures from the Archives' vault.

Visitors perusing the New Jersey State Constitutions and Great Seals exhibited for the occasion.

  David Pasicznyk, Chief of Bureau of Water Resources, New Jersey Geoological Survey, examines New Jersey's 1787 ratification of the United States Constitution.

Images from the CARMA meeting, May 13, 2010