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Record Group: State House Commission
Series: Analysis of State Government Office Space, 1938
Accession #: 1949.003
Series #:  SZSTH004
Guide Date:   4/1992 (JK); rev. 4/2004 (EC)
Volume:  0.25 c.f. [1 box]

Content Note

On 6 June 1938, Hugh A. Kelly, Secretary to Gov. Moore and a member of the State House Commission, turned over to the commission the results of an analysis of the state government office situation in state-owned buildings and rented quarters. The bulk of the material (items #2-23 below) consists of a photographic survey of buildings used by the state, along with corresponding usage breakdowns recording the location and square footage for the individual agencies housed in each building. The survey is followed by three special schedules (item #24) providing statistics on the total space used at that time by each department in Trenton and Newark, and the hypothetical status of space usage after construction of a proposed new building and reallocation of space in existing state buildings. Originally bound in a clasp binder, the pages have been removed and placed in mylar sleeves.


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No. Caption
1. Letter from Hugh A. Kelly to the commission, 6 June 1938
2. State House, West State Street, housing:

Newspaper Men Treasurer
 Attorney General Purchasing Department
Civil Service Fish and Game
Health Public Utilities
Motor Vehicle Board of Shell Fisheries
Comptroller Clerk of Chancery
Executive Tax Appeals
Quartermaster General Athletic Commission
Secretary of State Commerce and Navigation
Public Record Office Adjutant General
State Auditor Custodian
Financial Assistance
Conservation and Development
Tax Department (various agencies)
3. State House Annex, West State Street, housing:
    Public Library
    State Library
    Banking and Insurance
    Conservation and Development
    Finance Commissioner
    Clerk in Chancery
    Court of Chancery
    Supreme Court
    Clerk of Supreme Court
    Museum (Office, Exhibit Space, and Work/Storeroom)
4. State Office Building, West Hanover Street, housing:
    Motor Vehicle
    Institutions and Agencies
5. Mechanics Bank Building, 1 West State Street, housing:
    State Employees Retirement System
    Health (including Milk Control Board)
6. Trenton Trust Building, 28 West State Street, housing:
    Budget Commission
    License Statutes
    Water Policy Commission
    Teachers Pension and Annuity Fund
7. 34 West State Street, housing:
    Beauty Culture Control
8. 107-109 West State Street, housing:
    Motor Fuel Tax
    Beverage Tax
9. 152 West State Street, housing:
    Juvenile Delinquency Commission
    Old Age Assistance
10. 162 West State Street, housing:
    New Jersey State Police
11. 186 West State Street, housing:
    New Jersey State Planning Board
12. Roebling Mansion, West State Street, temporarily housing:
    State Auditor
    Indian Site Survey
    State-wide W.P.A. Inventory Project
13. 187 West State Street, housing:
    Weights and Measures
14. 217 East Hanover Street, housing:
    New Jersey State Employment Service
15. 221 East Hanover Street, housing:
    Clerk in Chancery
16. 232-234 East Hanover Street, housing:
    Rehabilitation Commission
17. Wallach Building, State and Broad Streets, housing:
    Labor and Rehabilitation
18. Broad Street Bank Building,
  State and Montgomery Streets, housing:
    Conservation and Development
    Crippled Children's Commission
    Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission
    Railroad Tax
19. Capitol Street, housing:
    Board of Children's Guardians
20. Piper Building, 338 North Broad Street, housing:
    Board of Children's Guardians
21. Colored Elks Building, 34-44 Fowler Street, housing:
    State Militia
22. New Jersey State Fair Building, 1648 Nottingham Way (used for exhibition purposes by various departments)
23. State House - Rear
24. Schedule #1:
    Present Status of State Office Space Situation
    [4 pages]
Schedule #2:
    Proposed Status of Departments to be Located
    in the New Building on Basis of 150,000 Sq. Ft.
    [1 page]
Schedule #3:
    Proposed Status of Departments in Rented
    Space in Trenton  to be Located in State Buildings     Reallocation [1 page]

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