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School Finance

Estimated Costs Per Pupil for Tuition Purposes

In 2001-02, the estimated tuition calculation was added to the main menu of the budget software as a tool to assist regular districts in estimating tuition rates for both regular and special education students. As required under N.J.A.C. 6A:23-17.1-7, all regular districts not using the A4-1/A4-2 method are required to use the calculated estimated tuition rate and reports generated from the budget software in place of the worksheets provided by the Office of Fiscal Standards and Efficiency. The county superintendent is required to review any unique circumstances or variations in methodology and mediate all disputes that arise from the determination of estimated tuition rates, including challenges to the estimated ADE counts generated by the growth rate formula.

The files attached below are being provided as a reference to regular districts. There are unique situations for regular districts, such as the start up of a new program, that may require the use of the attached worksheets to calculate projected tuition rates in lieu of the budget software.