NJ SUCCESS Appendices
(State Unemployment Compensation Claimant & Employer Service System )
Business Process Reengineering Documentation   RFP Supporting Documentation
(A) UI Modernization Baseline Description   (R)Use Cases, Business Rules and Activity Diagrams
(B) UI Business Process Conceptual Design   (S) Objectives Requirements Cross Match
(C) UI Modernization– BPCD Appendices    
(D) NJ SUCCESS Tech Architecture    
(E) NJ SUCCESS Tech Architecture Supplement    
(F) Interfaces    
(G) UI Modernization Strategic Plan   IT Information
(H)UI Modernization Strategic Plan – Strategic Appendices   (T) IT PC and Laptop Configuration
(I)UI Modernization Strategic Plan – Executive Summary   (U) Network and Internet Usage Policy
    (V) Shared IT Architecture
Operational Information    
(J) Volume/Metrics   Program Management Office Information
(K) ICON Rewrite – File names   (W) PMO Organizational Structure
(L) ICON Rewrite – Research   (X) Proposed UI Modernization Schedule
(M) ICON Rewrite - Specifications   (Y)UI Modernization Overview Schedule
(N) Call Center Statistics   (Z) Document Development and Approval Procedure
(O) User Information Needs   (AA) Role of the PMO
(P) Future Telephony Structure   (BB) Blank Project Management Plan Template
    (CC) Division of UI Organizational Chart
Project Services Vendor Information   Links
(Q) Request for Proposal for Project Services for UIOPS Modernization   New Jersey Unemployment Compensation Law
    New Jersey Administrative Code
    Directions to the Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference
    Bid Summary