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Office of Legislation Analysis and Disclosure (OLAD)

The newly combined Office of Legislative Analysis and Disclosure (OLAD) performs many duties on behalf of the Director for the Division of Taxation.  It has dual responsibilities for overseeing relative legislation proposals which impact the Division and for ensuring all requests for disclosure of agency and taxpayer records are released under the strictest adherence to the governing laws and regulations.  


Specifically, the legislative liaison and staff are charged with reviewing all tax bills introduced in the NJ State Legislature and other proposed laws that may impact the Division. This office evaluates the potential administrative, fiscal and policy implications of proposals which are scheduled or likely to be scheduled for legislative action. It proposes amendments to insure that a bill can be effectively implemented, prepares Bill Comments and Fiscal Notes, and recommends positions to be taken by the State Treasurer.

In addition, OLAD monitors legislative activity, determines when bills affecting the Division are scheduled for committee or house action, and tracks the progress of each bill as it proceeds through the Legislature. It works closely with the Treasurer's Office and, when a bill is enacted into law, it often initiates and participates in the implementation process.

Current Legislative Session

  • Throughout the 214th legislative session, 710 tax related bills have been monitored.
  • Prepared 110 Legislative Recommendations and Bill Comments.
  • Prepared 32 Fiscal Notes.
  • Attended Assembly and Senate Committee meetings.
  • Provided information on New Jersey legislative tax developments to many persons and organizations seeking such information.
  • Tax bills were considered at 33 Assembly, and 31 Senate Committee Meetings.
  • Twelve bills, to date, affecting the Division were signed into law including twenty that were signed at the conclusion of the previous session.


The Disclosure Officer and staff perform many administrative duties including responding to internal and external requests for tax records and recommending and implementing exchange agreements with State and Federal agencies. In essence, this office serves as the “interactive face” of the Division of Taxation.

This office works with the Internal Revenue Service, New Jersey State Police, Division of Criminal Justice, Division of Gaming Enforcement, and other states through their departments of revenue/taxation. Through this activity the Division of Taxation, as well as other taxing agencies throughout the United States, has been able to locate and identify tax evaders who cross state lines.

The Office of Legislative Analysis and Disclosure is the Division's central point for receipt of public requests for information made pursuant to the Open Public Records Act (OPRA). Disclosure reviews, researches, and prepares the Division's responses to all OPRA requests, which has addressed over 200 requests for information in FY10.

Division's Organizational Chart

Last Updated: Thursday, 08/21/14

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