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Date Posted Subject
4/16/14 Anna Lee and Jennifer Lee Charged with Money Laundering PDF (73 KB)
4/15/14 State of New Jersey Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services Announcement on "Heartbleed" and Filing Season
4/10/14 Treasurer Sidamon-Eristoff Urges New Jersey Taxpayers to Use E-Filing Options and Extra Preparation Help as April 15 Filing Deadline Approaches PDF (141 KB)
3/21/14 New Jersey Resources for Small Business PDF (61 KB)

Notice to Sellers of Tattooing, Permanent Body Art, and Permanent Cosmetic Make-Up Application Services


Notice Regarding The Sale Of Prescription Drugs Used To Treat Animals

2/20/14 Partnership Tax & Partner Fees Initiative  
2/20/14 Intangible Asset Nexus Initiative
2/20/14 Now Available – Winter 2013/2014 New Jersey State Tax News PDF (1.7 MB)
2/07/14 Tax Assessor Examination to be Offered in March PDF (13 KB)
2/03/14 Newark Admissions Surcharge (effective February 1, 2014)
1/31/14 Travel Company Owner Sentenced to State Prison for Stealing Millions of Dollars from His Customers
1/10/14 Freehold Businessman Sentenced to Jail for Concealing Income to Evade Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in State Taxes
12/23/13 2012 Homestead Benefit Application Filing Deadline Extended to January 31, 2014 (View Press Release) PDF (398 KB)
12/19/13 Now Available – Fall 2013 New Jersey State Tax News PDF (930 KB)
12/16/13 Central Jersey Insurance Broker Sentenced to Five Years in State Prison for Role in Scheme to Misappropriate More Than $660,000 from Seven Insurance Companies and for Failing to File State Income Tax Returns
12/02/13 TB-21(R)-Interest Rate Assessed for January 1 through December 31, 2014 PDF (19 KB)
11/25/13 Keansburg Residents Charged with Cigarette Smuggling; Could Face $70,000 Civil Penalty PDF (65 KB)
11/21/12 2012 Homestead Benefit Application Filing Deadline Extended to December 31, 2013 (View Press Release) PDF (131 KB)
11/13/13 Freehold Man Pleads Guilty to Theft and Tax Charges for Concealing Business Income to Avoid Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Taxes
11/01/13 Spring Lake Couple Pleads Guilty to Stealing Over $770,000 PDF (60 KB)
10/11/13 Gross Income Tax - Income Tax Rate For The NJ-1080c
10/10/13 Christie Administration Begins Mailing Homestead Benefit Property Tax Relief Applications PDF (413 KB)

Official Misconduct Case Resulting in a 5 Year Prison Term for a Former Atlantic City Housing Authority Employee PDF (218 KB)

09/17/13 Christie Administration Announces Tax Relief for Businesses Impacted by Seaside Boardwalk Fire PDF (55 KB)
09/13/13 Assemblyman Albert Coutinho Pleads Guilty To Stealing Funds From Charitable Foundation and Filing False Disclosure Forms PDF (45 KB)

Jersey City Man Charged with Counterfeiting Cigarette Tax Stamps and Vehicle Inspection Stickers PDF (129 KB)


Mail Carrier Sentenced to Prison for Using Mail Route to Aid Scheme to Steal Nearly $400,000 Through False State and Federal Tax Returns

08/22/13 Identity Theft Information

Out-of-state cigarettes, cigars seized from Linden deli PDF (27 KB)

08/20/13 Information Services & New Jersey Sales Tax PDF (366 KB)
08/15/13 Attorney General Announces Two-Pronged Strategy to Combat Rising Gun Violence in Trenton
08/13/13 TB-73 - Sales & Use Tax: Nursing Home Purchases PDF (68 KB)
08/09/13 Travel Company Owner Pleads Guilty to Theft Charge for Tricking Customers Out of Millions of Dollars
07/17/13 Property Tax Reimbursements Checks on the Way (View Press Release) PDF (414 KB)

Income Tax Rate for the NJ-1080C Composite Return

07/15/13 Now Available – Summer 2013 New Jersey State Tax News PDF (890 KB)

Tax Assessor Examination Offered PDF (11 KB)

07/03/13 TB-72 - Sales & Use Tax: Cloud Computing (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) PDF (59 KB)
07/03/13 TAM-2013-1 - Sales & Use Tax: The Purchase and Installation of Automated Teller Machines and Similar Equipment PDF (48 KB)
06/26/13 Operation “Shore Bet” Dismantles $1 Million-A-Week Gambling Operation
06/18/13 Publication MISC-3: Tax Treatment of Nonprofit Organizations and Government Entities PDF (822 KB)
06/12/13 Urban Enterprise Zone Tax Questions and Answers - Revised PDF (303 KB)
06/05/13 Sales and Use Tax FAQs - Taxability of Purchases of Tangible Personal Property and Services Associated with Disaster Recovery Efforts
06/03/13 Lauryn Hill Sentenced to Prison for Failure to File Tax Returns
05/28/13 Governor Christie Expands Access to Property Tax Relief, Extends 2012 Senior Freeze Deadline to September 16, 2013. (View Treasurer’s Press Release) PDF (465 KB)

Executive Indicted on Charges He Stole Over $230,000 in Investor Funds Raised for His Biotech/Medical Firms in Bergen County, N.J.

05/13/13 TB-71 - Sales & Use Tax: Sales of Prepared Food by Food Service Providers PDF (61 KB)
05/13/13 TB-70 - Sales & Use Tax: Sales of Food and Food Ingredients, Candy, Dietary Supplements, and Soft Drinks Sold by a  Grocery Store PDF (65 KB)
05/09/13 Singer and actress Lauryn Hill charged with failing to file tax returns on more than $1.6 million in income
04/26/13 Travel Company Owner and His Wife Indicted on Charges That They Stole Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars From Customers (view news release)
04/24/13 Atlantic County Official Pleads Guilty to Corruption Including Tax Charges
04/15/13 Now Available Spring 2013 New Jersey State Tax News PDF (1.4 MB)
04/10/13 Notice: Angel Investor Tax Credit Act
04/09/13 Christie Administration Encourages Taxpayers to Take Advantage of Expanded Electronic Filing Options and Extra Help as April 15th Tax Filing Deadline Approaches (view press release) PDF (466 KB)

Important Notice for Earned Income Tax Credit Claimants with Pending Refunds

03/13/13 Notice - Gross Income Tax - Regular Place of Business is Not a Requirement for Unincorporated Businesses to use Form NJ-NR-A (Business Allocation Schedule)

Notice: Qualified Disaster Relief Payments Not Taxable Under NJ Gross Income Tax Act


Atlantic City Sweep PDF (74 KB)

02/07/13 Christie Administration Announces Tax Assistance Events for Superstorm Sandy Victims (view press release)  
02/07/13 Credit Card Payments by Phone
02/06/13 Couple Arrested in Money Laundering and Tax Fraud Scheme PDF (62 KB)
01/16/13 Now Available - Winter 2012/2013 New Jersey State Tax News PDF (885 KB)
01/16/13 TB-69 - Sales & Use Tax: Taxability of Purchases Made by Lawyers and Law Firms PDF (52 KB)

New Jersey income tax return processing will start January 30 due to delayed opening of tax season for Federal returns.

01/07/13 Correction: 2012 Form NJ-2450
12/2012 Two North Jersey Chiropractors Sentenced for Failing to Report a Combined $1 Million in Income on Tax Returns
12/11/12 TAM-2012-3 - Sales & Use Tax: Charges for Water Damage Restoration Services PDF (74 KB)
12/11/12 Saddle River Man Who Ran Tax Prep Service Sentenced to Prison for Stealing Nearly $190,000 In Tax Payments
12/05/12 TB-21(R) Interest Rate Assessed for January 1 through December 31, 2013
11/30/12 TB-68 - Sales & Use Tax: Medical Marijuana Alternative Treatment Centers PDF (38 KB)
11/01/12 TB-67 - Sales & Use Tax: Contractor Exemption for Improving, Altering, or Repairing the Real Property of Qualified Exempt Entities PDF (43 KB)
11/01/12 Hurricane Sandy Relief
10/22/12 Notice: Change of Address for UEZ Refunds (10/22/12) PDF (14 KB)
10/17/12 Now AvailableFall 2012 New Jersey State Tax News PDF (921 KB)
10/10/12 Governor Christie Extends Homestead Benefit Filing Deadline (View Press Release) PDF (490 KB)
10/01/12 Mail Bound for Taxation Destroyed in September 11 US Postal Truck Fire
09/27/12 Two Men Sentenced to Prison for Mortgage and Tax Fraud
09/19/12 TAM-2012-2 - Sales & Use Tax: Sales of Commercial Gases PDF (14 KB)
09/19/12 New Jersey/New York Cooperative Interstate Tax Program Update
09/18/12 Intangible Asset Nexus Initiative
08/03/12 South Jersey Car Dealer Charged With Filing False Tax Returns & Failing To Pay State Over $1.2 Million In Sales Taxes He Collected
07/31/12 Now Available - Spring/Summer 2012 New Jersey State Tax News PDF (960 KB)
07/26/12 Property Tax Reimbursement Checks on the Way (View Press Release) PDF (411 KB)
07/11/12 Two Men Plead Guilty to Mortgage and Tax Fraud Indicted
07/11/12 Monmouth County Man Pleads Guilty to Racketeering
06/26/12 Former Bank Teller Indicted; Investigation Uncovers Fraudulent Tax Returns PDF (80 KB)
06/20/12 The Savvy Shopper and New Jersey Use Tax PDF (16 KB)
06/01/12 Governor Christie Expands Access to Property Tax Relief, Extends Homestead & Senior Freeze Deadlines to
October 19, 2012. (View Treasurer’s Press Release) PDF (95 KB)
05/31/12 Florida Man Indicted for Possession of 480 Cartons of Untaxed Cigarettes PDF (31 KB)
05/21/12 Middlesex County Man Sentenced to State Prison for Illegally Soliciting Patients
05/08/12 Notice to Real Estate Closing Attorney/Settlement Agents: Revised Procedure for Short Sales and Ancient Deeds
05/01/12 Christie Administration to Begin Mailing Homestead Property Tax Relief Applications (View Press Release) PDF (370 KB)
05/01/12 Out-Of-State Winery License For Direct Ship Wine Sales to New Jersey
04/10/12 Treasurer Urges Taxpayers to Take Advantage of Electronic Filing Options and Extra Help as April 17 Filing Deadline Approaches (View Press Release) PDF (74 KB)
04/03/12 Revised Urban Enterprise Zones Sales & Use Tax Refund Claim Forms (A-3730-UEZ & A-3730-UEZ-1), and Instructions (2/12) PDF (52 KB)
03/29/12 Car Dealership Employee arrested in theft of $362K
03/07/12 Now Available - Winter 2011/2012 New Jersey State Tax News PDF (347 KB)
03/07/12 Saddle River Man Who Ran Tax Preparation Service Indicted On Charges He Stole Nearly $190,000 In Tax Payments Made By Clients (View Attorney General's Press Release)
02/17/12 Intercompany Transfer Pricing and Advanced Pricing Agreements PDF (56 KB)
(Replaces TAM 2011-17)
02/13/12 Inheritance Tax Guide for the Computation of the Compromise Tax PDF (662 KB)
02/10/12 Notice - Urban Enterprise Zones Revised Refund Procedures PDF (16 KB)
02/08/12 Notice - Form 1099-K
02/08/12 Notice - Phase Out of Cosmetic Medical Procedures Gross Receipts Tax
02/08/12 Notice - Grow New Jersey Assistance Program
02/02/12 Bank Change for ACH Credit Filer
02/02/12 Early New Jersey Tax Filers Get Quicker Refunds, Access to Programs That Benefit Low-Income Residents
(View Treasurer’s Press Release) PDF (474 KB)
02/01/12 Pitt County Men Convicted In Cigarette Smuggling Ring
02/01/12 Counterfeit Movie Warehouse Raided
01/10/12 Notice - Emancipation Day and New Jersey Tax Filing Due Date
2012 2012 Tax Information

Archived News

Last Updated: Wednesday, 04/16/14

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