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Petroleum Products Tax Forms

The following forms can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. PDF formatted documents contain the same text as the original printed documents. To view PDF formatted documents, you must have Acrobat Reader, which is available free from Adobe. Click the link to download the newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader now!

Form Content PDF Size
  Petroleum Products Gross Receipts Tax (Ppgrt) Increase Notice 97K
  Petroleum Products Gross Receipts Direct Payment Permit Holders  
PPT-G-FS Gasoline Floor Stock (New) 165K
PPT-G-INV Gasoline Inventory Report (New) 153K
PPT-G-INV/PPT-G-FS Worksheet Worksheet for PPT-G-INV and PPT-G-FS Forms (New) 35K
PPT-1 Petroleum Products Gross Receipts Tax Registration and Application for Direct Payment Permit 24K
PPT-2 Petroleum Products Gross Receipts Tax Registration Update 24K
PPT-4 Export Certificate and Instructions 24K
PPT-5 Exempt Use Certificate 60K
PPT-9 Petroleum Products Gross Receipts Tax Termination of Registration and/or Direct Payment Permit 50K
PPT-20 Petroleum Products Gross Receipts Tax Refund Application 68K
PPT-40 New Jersey Petroleum Products Gross Receipts Tax Return (Excel) 50K
PPT-41 Petroleum Products Gross Receipts Tax Monthly Remittance (Excel) 46K
  Instructions for Forms PPT-40 & PPT-41 134K
  Schedule 1- Purchase of Petroleum Products in New Jersey (Excel) 48K
  Schedule 2A- Sales for Residential Heating (Excel) 48K
  Schedule 2B-Sales to Governmental or Exempt Entities (Excel) 47K
  Schedule 2C-Sales of Exempt Products (Excel) 48K
  Schedule 2D – Deductions from the Tax Basis (Excel) 46K
  Schedule 4-Sales Subject to Tax (Excel) 48K
  Schedule 5-Products Purchased from Other States/Countries (Excel) 49K
  Schedule 6-Imports Subsequently Exported (Excel) 48K
  Schedule 12A-Additions to Liability (Excel) 47K
  Schedule 12B-Reduction of Liability (Excel) 47K
  Schedule A-Petroleum consumed or deemed consumed by aircraft in NJ (Excel) 48K

Last Updated: Monday, 10/31/16

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