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  • Conservation Poster Contest

    The Conservation Poster Contest is sponsored annually by the Conservation Partnership for elementary and high school students throughout the state. This contest is open to all students in grades 2-3, 4-6 and 7-9 and 10-12. The posters are submitted to your local conservation district for judging.  Winners are recognized at each district and the first place local winners advance and are entered into the State competition. State winners are broadly recognized and receive savings bonds awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The first place winners in the each of the four divisions in the Poster contest will advance to the National Association of Conservation Districts and compete against all 50 State entries.

    These contests create a great opportunity to start kids thinking about how they can share in the stewardship of our state's natural resources.

    View the Conservation Poster Contest Information Packet and Entry Form.

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  • The New Jersey Envirothon

    The Envirothon is a dynamic hands-on Environmental Education Program that seeks to empower its participants through training, direct experience, team work and competition with the motivation, knowledge and skills to actively take part in natural resource management decisions and problem-solving. Preparation for the Envirothon is designed to introduce students to a wide range of professionals working in environmentally-related fields, give a background in natural resources and the varied options that go into decision-making, and allow students practice in working with information and differing viewpoints to reach a decision through consensus and teamwork.

    Throughout the year, students will explore different natural resource related topics, including soils, forestry, aquatics, wildlife ecology and current environmental issues. The team advisor or “coach” will facilitate the training by incorporating hands-on activities with the educational study guide, which is provided by the Envirothon sponsors. The study guide can also be used to supplement regular lesson plans or added to a resource library. The Envirothon will help teachers meet New Jersey Core Curriculum content Standards in Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.

    For additional information about the NJ Envirothon, contact your local conservation district or visit

    View the Envirothon Fundraising Sponsor Form.
    The New Jersey Envirothon is made possible by sponsors such as: NJ Department of Agriculture/NJ State Soil Conservation Committee, NJ Association of Conservation Districts, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, NJ Department of Environmental Protection, Rutgers Cooperative Extension and many other local area businesses.

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  • New Jersey Association of Conservation Districts Memorial Conservation Scholarship

    The New Jersey Association of Conservation Districts (NJACD) Memorial Conservation Scholarship Fund establishes a continuing memorial to those recognized and honored through monetary contribution for their dedicated service to the conservation of our natural resources. This scholarship is granted to encourage and support qualified students to pursue a career in a field related to the conservation and management of natural resources.

    Contributions to the Scholarship Fund have been invested to produce a continuing source of income to support scholarships to qualifying students in the field of conservation. Scholarships are funded from the interest earned on the New Jersey Association of Conservation Districts Memorial Conservation Scholarship Fund.
     View the Scholarship Announcement and Application.

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