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  • Office of Aquaculture Coordination

    The Office of Aquaculture Coordination provides technical, regulatory and business development solutions to both current and prospective aquaculturists.  The Office administers aquaculture policy framework consisting of the Aquatic Farmer License Program, Recommended Management Practices for Aquaculture, an aquatic organism health management plan and an import protocol for finfish that helps to ensure that aquaculture development in New Jersey is both environmentally sound and business-friendly.  Currently, the program licenses more than 100 finfish, shellfish and aquatic plant producers in the state.  The Office also works closely with the National Aquaculture Association to address national issues of concern to the aquaculture industry.

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  • Aquaculture Advisory Council

    Through the Aquaculture Advisory Council, the Secretary of Agriculture works with the Commissioners of Environmental Protection and Health and Senior Services, the Secretary of State through the Business Action Center, academic research institutions and the industry to foster the development of aquaculture in the state.  The 2021-2026 Update of the Aquaculture Development Plan provides specific recommendations for addressing specific limiting issues identified by the Aquaculture Advisory Council.  Meetings of the Council are held quarterly.

    More information about aquaculture in New Jersey can be found on the NJDA's Jersey Seafood website at

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