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Board Orders:

2B - ORDER PSEG 2020 BGSS - Final Rates
2C - ORDER PSEG Montville Property Sale
5A - ORDER Logan Partners
7A - ORDER Walter Siegordner v Suez Water NJ
8A - ORDER Acoustical Testing
8C - ORDER NJNG Energy Efficiency Filing
8D - ORDER Kumar Petition
8E - ORDER Holland Solar Farm
IA - Letter Applied Energy Partners LLC
IA - Letter Avatar Management Inc
IA - Letter Capital Energy, Inc
IA - Letter Clear Point Energy, Inc
IA - Letter Convenient Ventures, LLC dba EnergyObjective 2021-2022 - EA PA
IA - Letter Energy Edge Consulting LLC 2020-2021
IA - Letter In Nature's Image LLC 2021-2022 - EA
IA - Letter KEYTEX Energy Solutions, LLC 2021-2022 - EA PA
IA - Letter Legend Energy Advisors LLC 2021-2022 - EA EC
IA - Letter M and R Energy Resources Corp
IA - Letter National Auditing Services and Consulting, LLC 2020-2021
IA - Letter National Energy Cost Services Inc
IA - Letter New America Power LLC 2020-2021
IA - Letter Optimum Group, LLC 2021-2022
IA - Letter Palm Energy LLC 2021-2022
IA - Letter Power Target, LLC 2021-2022 - EA
IA - Letter Prospect Resources Inc
IA - Letter Relationship Management Consulting LLC 2020-2021 EA EC
IA - Letter Scott D Lagrosa 2021-2022 - EA
IA - Letter TFS Energy Solutions LLC
IA - Letter Technology Resource Solutions, Inc
IA - Letter Telco Pros Inc
IA - Letter The Energy Alliance, LLC 2021-2022 - EA
IA - Letter Trane Energy Choice, LLC 2021-2022 - EA PA
IA - Letter TruEnergy Services, LLC 2021-2022 - EA PA
LSA - ORDER on Extension Business Automation Technologies