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NJBPU currently offers two tools for members of the public to locate documents that have been filed with the Board:


  • The "Public Document Search" tool currently provides all publicly-available documents from 2021 through 2015, plus some 2014 documents. It offers such features as "Key Topics" on the main page, the option to sort search results by docket number, date, etc., a "batch download" feature, and a convenient form to request additional materials from NJBPU.
  • The "Search Board Orders" tool, NJBPU's legacy search system, offers all publicly-available documents filed with the Board via a single search field.


Further details about these tools are provided in each section below. For information about filing documents with the Board, please consult our e-Filing page, which includes FAQs and a detailed instructions guide. 


Public Document Search (New System)
NJBPU's Public Document Search tool allows members of the public to locate and download digitized versions of docket materials filed with NJBPU from 2021 through 2015, plus some 2014 documents. The number of documents will be continually expanded as NJBPU Staff adds older documents to the Public Document Search.


⇒ Access Public Document Search now.



Search Board Orders (Legacy System)
Enter the keyword, docket number, NJBPU division name, or board order subject in the field below. Then, click the "Search" button to display the results.