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Board Orders:

1A - ORDER United Energy Consultants LLC 2021-2022
2A - ORDER Atlantic City Electric RESTORE
2B - ORDER ACE Nov 2020 PowerAhead Roll In
2C - ORDER ACE Nov 2020 IIP Roll In
2D - ORDER Elizabethtown Gas 2020 RAC
2E - ORDER South Jersey Gas 2020 Rider H Final Rates
4A - ORDER Verizon C2C Billing Metrics
5A - ORDER Middlesex PWAC
7A - ORDER Katyal v Middlesex Water
8A - ORDER Verizon Incentives
8B - ORDER West Windsor Incentives
8C - ORDER West Windsor Plainsboro Board of Education
8D - ORDER Merck Incentives
8E - ORDER Trued Up Budget
8F - ORDER State Energy Program
8H - ORDER Ocean Wind
8I - ORDER EE Statewide Evaluator Award
8L - ORDER Community Solar
8M - ORDER Virginia Brown Petition
8N - ORDER Vision Solar Petition
8O - ORDER Kawalec SRP
8Q - ORDER Jersey Central Power and Light Electric Vehicle Filing
IA - Letter Advantage Energy Partners LLC EA 2021-2022
IA - Letter Alfa Energy LLC 2021-2022
IA - Letter America Approved Commercial, LLC 2021-2022 EA
IA - Letter American PowerNet Management, LP 2021-2022 - EA PA EC
IA - Letter Aurora Energy Advisors LLC 2021-2022
IA - Letter Big Bang Energy Group LLC dba VETAL 2021-2022 - EA PA EC
IA - Letter Bradley R Lewis 2021-2022 EA
IA - Letter Broadleaf, LLC dba Broadleaf Energy 2021-2022 EA
IA - Letter Burton Energy Group, Inc
IA - Letter Charity_Power, Inc 2021-2022 EA PA
IA - Letter Connect Energy Resources 2021-2022 EA
IA - Letter Diversegy, LLC 2021-2022 EA PA EC
IA - Letter EMEX, LLC 2021-2022 EA PA EC
IA - Letter ENGIE Power and Gas, LLC - ESL GSL 2021-2022
IA - Letter Electricity Ratings LLC 2021-2022 - EA
IA - Letter HP Technologies Inc 2021-2020 EA
IA - Letter Kismet Energy 2021-2022 EA PA
IA - Letter Muirfield Energy, Inc
IA - Letter NORESCO, LLC 2021-2022
IA - Letter National Utility Service, Inc
IA - Letter NuEnergen, LLC 2021-2022 EA
IA - Letter Worthington Energy Consultants, LLC 2021-2022 - EA
IIA - ORDER Elizabethtown Gas
IVA - ORDER 11 11 Systems and Engine Communications Transfer