Funds Awarded by Federal Departments to New Jersey$8.96 Billion

Source: United States Federal Emergency Management Agency. 
Information updated by the FEMA on 11/9/2015.
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Federal Disaster Relief Appropriations Act funds have been awarded in response to the severe damage, unprecedented financial hardship and economic loss caused by Superstorm Sandy. To promote the transparent distribution of these reconstruction funds in New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie issued Executive Order No. 125.

Executive Order No. 125 requires that specified information concerning the allocation and expenditure of federal disaster relief funds be posted on an appropriate State website. To that end, the Sandy Transparency Portal was created to provide public access to all State contracts for the allocation and expenditure of federal disaster relief funds, including contract vendor information. In addition, the portal will list the available federal funding streams and funding criteria and will track the federal funding allotment of disaster relief funds in New Jersey.

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