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Examining One-Star Nursing Homes Funded by NJ Medicaid

15 nursing homes in New Jersey have been repeatedly rated one star — the lowest possible rating. Yet these facilities — which are overwhelmingly owned by for-profit companies — continue to receive an average of $100 million from Medicaid each year. OSC examined the one-star facilities where 2,000 New Jerseyans live and recommends ways to improve the care residents receive.

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Follow-up Review of the Economic Development Authority's Tax Incentive Programs

Read OSC's follow-up review that finds substantial improvements to tax incentive programs at the Economic Development Authority and recommends further steps to protect the State’s financial interests.

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Audit Report of Pennsauken Public Schools

Read OSC's full audit report of the fiscal and operating practices of Pennsauken Public Schools. 

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2021 in Review: Holding New Jersey Government Accountable

Read our Fiscal Year 2021 Annual Report and look back at how the Office of the State Comptroller worked to hold New Jersey government accountable at every level.

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Investigative Report on Improper Participation in the State's Pension System

Read OSC's investigative report on the Division of Pensions and Benefits' oversight of improper participation in the State's pension system.

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Investigative report on Newark awarding a $5.4 million no-bid contract

Read OSC's investigative report on how the City of Newark circumvented the competitive bidding process to award a $5.4 million no-bid contract to renovate a public ice rink. 

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Audit of Truetox Laboratories, LLC

OSC's audit finds that Truetox overcharged New Jersey's Medicaid program by more than $24 million. Truetox charged $3 per test when Medicaid was not paying, but charged Medicaid many times more – all for processing the same drug tests.

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Borough of Palisades Park Investigation

A new investigation from the Office of the State Comptroller report reveals Palisades Park gave sick leave payouts to employees for years, in violation of state law. OSC’s investigation uncovered widespread financial mismanagement, waste and abuse of taxpayer funds in the Borough.

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Top Resources

Top Resources

COVID-19 Oversight

State and Local Government Resources

OSC provides technical assistance, resources, and training to state and local government units who received federal COVID-19 funds.

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Public Transparency

OSC closely tracks federal COVID-19 recovery funds, reviews COVID-19 contracts, and oversees the independent monitors appointed to protect federal funds from fraud, waste, and abuse.

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In the News

Comptroller audit leads to State recovering $9 million through settlement with Medicaid provider

Elizabeth-based nonprofit that assists New Jerseyans with disabilities improperly retained millions in unspent public funds

Nearly $2.4 million in CARES Act funding earmarked for struggling marine fisheries may have been improper, OSC report finds

Ten of 24 recipients received more money than they lost in 2020 due to the pandemic

Brookdale Community College spent $790K on unauthorized or improper purchases, OSC audit finds

Brookdale also failed to properly manage vendor who ran college bookstore

State’s watchdog agency launches Police Accountability Project

OSC dedicating investigative resources to detect waste, fraud, abuse and misconduct in law enforcement agencies

NJ Comptroller Blog

Register Now: Useful Tools for a Compliant Medicaid Provider

Useful Tools for a Compliant Medicaid Provider: A Presentation for Partial Care Providers

Keeping Tabs on NJ’s Public Colleges & Universities

Read about how OSC oversees NJ's public colleges and universities.

How Is Your Town or County Using Its COVID-19 Recovery Funds?

When Internal Controls Fail

What would you do if your supervisor asked you to do something that went against your company’s policies? If he asked for your user name and password to sign into the accounting system? If she wanted you to approve a purchase order or payment without the proper authorizations and support?


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