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NJ Office of Broadband Connectivity

Local Governments

We support local governments' efforts to expand and improve broadband and efforts to support community members.

Find broadband data

Visit our Broadband Mapping Hub to explore broadband maps and data to identify gaps and opportunities in your community. This data can help support strategic planning, policy decisions, and community education and engagement.

Support your community members

Local governments play an important role in enabling broadband access for their community members. This can include digital skills training, fiber-to-the-home broadband networks, and everything in between. 

How you can support your community:

  • Educate your community by highlighting broadband and digital equity resources through your communication channels
  • Work with other community organizations like schools, libraries and health care providers to leverage and combine resources
  • Contact us! We would be happy to meet with you to discuss how we can support your efforts to improve broadband in your community

County One Sheets

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