Atlantic City Resilience Program Project Summaries

Lower Chelsea Bulkhead Replacement

This project is designed to rehabilitate, repair, replace and build new bulkheads along the inner Thorofare waterway, connecting Absecon Bay in the north to Shelter Island Bay in the south. The project will include the removal of the current wooden bulkhead/seawall and replacement with modern corrugated reinforced steel bulkheads or similar materials.

Gardner’s Basin Park Bulkhead Stabilization and Dredging

Gardner’s Basin is a unique waterfront neighborhood in Atlantic City. It is home to waterfront dining, shopping, marinas, the Atlantic City Aquarium, and other water-dependent uses. A significant section of the bulkhead is collapsing into the water, which presents environmental and pedestrian risks and contributes to regular flooding. Stormwater outlet pipes have also been submerged under layers of mud over time. This project includes dredging to enable stormwater drainage and stabilization of existing bulkhead.

South Boulevard Bulkheads

The South Boulevard Bulkhead includes the design, permitting, development of plans, and construction of approximately 900 linear feet of bulkhead in a section of the inner Thorofare waterfront on South Boulevard in Chelsea Heights that currently does not have bulkheads. The new bulkheads would be installed at an elevation of at least 8.5 feet NAVD88. Once complete, the South Boulevard bulkhead will protect the area from flooding events.

Chelsea Ducktown Bayfront Bulkhead Replacement

The Chelsea Ducktown Bulkhead project includes the design, permitting, development of plans and specifications, and construction assistance for the replacement of bulkhead

along the bay in the Chelsea and Ducktown neighborhoods. The replacement of these bulkheads would protect the properties in the vicinity of Sunset Avenue from future flooding and storm events, as well as rehabilitate the adjacent land areas that are eroding, which pose a danger to the public.

Inspection and Replacement of Check Valves along the Bay

This project includes the inspection, design, and replacement, as necessary, of approximately 100 stormwater check valves located along the inner Thorofare waterway of Atlantic City. The Thorofare waterway is a tidal waterbody which connects Absecon Bay and Shelter Island Bay.

The City will inspect the check valves, evaluate the impact from malfunctioning valves, and analyze the need for additional valves where they are not now used. Subsequent to the inspection and evaluation, the malfunctioning check valves will be replaced, and additional valves installed as deemed necessary during the inspection process.

Public Building Dry Floodproofing

This project includes the design, permitting, development of plans, and construction for dry floodproofing at City Hall and the All Wars Memorial Building. City Hall has emergency generators on the first floor that are not floodproofed and is home to the 9-1-1 dispatch center that coordinates emergency services. Flood waters during Superstorm Sandy and other events have caused damage at the All Wars Memorial Building.

Traffic Signal Upgrades

The project includes the inspection, upgrade and replacement of traffic signals at 27 separate intersections (approximately 200 signals) throughout Atlantic City. These signals were damaged by Superstorm Sandy and similar storm events. Many of them have control centers that are located below the 500-year floodplain limitation for critical features.

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