American Rescue Plan Firefighter Grant (ARPFFG)

The American Rescue Plan Firefighter Grant (“Firefighter Grant”) is a competitive grant that supports local and regional fire department firefighters by ensuring that they have proper fire protection, cleaning, and sanitization equipment. Ensuring that firefighters are properly protected against the combined threats of the COVID-19 virus and the strain of emergency fire requests is vital given the current stress on communities confronting the pandemic. Access to funding to purchase the appropriate gear, clothing, and equipment is critical for mental and physical health, particularly for those fire departments with limited operating budgets and large numbers of volunteers. Assisting local and regional fire departments in purchasing gear, clothing, and equipment helps address these equity considerations, meeting the needs of communities that have been placed under substantial stress throughout the pandemic. The Firefighter Grant will allocate funds to allow departments to make these needed purchases.

Firefighter Grant funds will be allocated to each grant recipient to help cover costs associated with the purchases of:

  • Protective clothing (turnout clothing ensembles, pants, garments, helmets, hoods, gloves, footwear, etc.)
  • Cleaning and Advanced Cleaning equipment
  • Oxygen equipment;
  • PPE; and
  • Other fire/virus protection equipment as determined to be appropriate by the Division of Local Government Services (“DLGS”).



Governor Murphy has appropriated $10 million from the American Rescue Plan State Fiscal Recovery Funds to support the purchase of firefighter equipment during this time of heightened community need. The Division of Local Government Services within the Department of Community Affairs will administer the Grant awards, which may be adjusted or capped based upon applications submitted. A recommended maximum award of $75,000 shall govern; however, awards in excess of the cap may be authorized if warranted and depending upon program demand. Funding duplication is not permitted and cannot supplant allocated funding from other sources. Priority will be given to departments demonstrating the greatest need.



All local and regional fire departments in New Jersey are eligible to apply.



Applicants must submit applications utilizing the NJDCA SAGE Portal.



DLGS must be in receipt of one electronic copy of the completed application in SAGE by 5:00 P.M. EST on August 13, 2022 for the applicant(s) to be eligible for grant funding.



Applicants may contact Laurie Ann Doyle at (609) 292-4132 to discuss program and project needs up to submission of the application. Questions may also be submitted via e-mail to


American Rescue Plan Firefighter Grant Program Guidelines

NJDCA- SAGE Agency User Manual

Sample Resolution