Local Assistance Bureau(LAB)

"The Division Strives to help all local governments achieve excellence, efficiency, and long-term fiscal stability in their operations"



The Department of Community Affairs’ Division of Local Government Services (Division) regulates the finances of local governments in New Jersey to ensure fiscal solvency. The Division also regulates local procurement, licenses certain municipal employees, and provides strong oversight of distressed municipalities.

As part of its broader mission, the Division is renewing its partnership with municipalities to cultivate best practices in government and to support local best efforts with the State’s comprehensive network of available resources.

To support this effort, the Division launched the Local Assistance Bureau (LAB), which provides high-level technical assistance to local governments.

The LAB employs an innovative approach to local services, providing comprehensive management consulting services to local government agencies utilizing experienced local government professionals and data-driven analytics. Our services are offered at no cost to local agencies. 


LAB staff is here to help you position your municipality for success. Our team is comprised of municipal professionals who possess tremendous expertise in implementation of the Local Budget Law, Local Bond Law, Local Public Contracts Law, Local Authorities Fiscal Control Law, Civil Service, and many other statutory, regulatory, and operational intricacies of local government.

The LAB can assist in areas including but not limited to: 

  • Economic Development and Planning
  • PILOT and JIF Contract Review
  • Procurement
  • Forms of Government Queries
  • Certified Positions Support
  • Shared Services Assessments, Templates, and Implementation
  • Aggregation of Data
  • Implementing Best Practices
  • Staff Training 

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The LAB’s Technical Assistance Advisors have accumulated expertise, knowledge, skill sets and insights to bring a fresh, enthusiastic, progressive, and professional outlook to the field of municipal services.

Our Technical Assistance Advisors are former municipal officials with expertise and skill sets in the following areas: 

  • Administration
  • Finance/Purchasing
  • Human Resources
  • Labor Negotiations
  • Police Dispatch/Communications
  • Public Safety
  • Public Works
  • Risk Management/Insurance 

The LAB promotes engaging with stakeholders, implementing best practices, and ensuring communities achieve success.

Our Technical Assistance Advisors will review local government agency administrative, operational and financial operations, identify inefficiencies and cost drivers and offer recommendations to improve employee proficiency, enhance operational efficiency, achieve cost savings and implement “best practices” designed to improve accountability and transparency without compromising service delivery.

If your community is confronting economic pressure, fiscal challenges, or operational deficiencies, or if it may be at a shared services crossroads, our team of professional advisors is here to assist.

Any local government agency with a specific need or idea where support or assistance is essential or those without a specific target area can contact the LAB to set up a consultation.

After initial contact, the LAB process will proceed as follows: 

  • Meet and Greet
  • Explanation of the Program
  • Completion of a Documentation Request to familiarize our staff with your agency’s structure, operations, and financials
  • Follow-up and additional site-visits as-needed
  • Draft Assessment Meeting and Review
  • Final Assessment Submitted for Formal Review 

The LAB is a valuable resource providing research and development of best practices across the field of New Jersey local government.

The breadth of the Division’s supportive programs and depth of its involvement in New Jersey’s most at-risk communities has set New Jersey apart from other states.

Partner with the LAB to seize your unique opportunity. We look forward to working with you. 

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