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State of New Jersey-Department of Environmental Protection-Compliance and Enforcement
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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Environmental Stewardship Framework and Guidance Documents

  • Introduction Page (pdf)
  • Environmental Policy (pdf)
  • Environmental Management System (pdf)
  • Annual Environmental Report (pdf)
  • Carbon Footprint Analysis (pdf)
  • Environmental Purchasing Policy (pdf)
  • Vendor/Supply Chain Requirements (pdf)
  • Mentoring to Other Businesses (pdf)
  • Outreach Program (pdf)
  • Green Building Certification (pdf)
  • Green Building Implementation (pdf)
  • Life Cycle Assessments (pdf)
  • Hazardous Materials Reduction (pdf)
  • Water Use Reduction (pdf)
  • Material Conservation (pdf)
  • Employee Trip Reduction (pdf)
  • Process/Operation Energy Use Reduction (pdf)
  • Transportation Energy Use Reduction (pdf)
  • Renewable Energy Use (pdf)
  • Environmental Enhancement Projects (pdf)
  • Innovative Program (pdf)
  • EPA Voluntary Programs (pdf)

  • Small Business Assistance Program

    Environmental Stewardship Guidance Manual
    The Environmental Stewardship: Moving Beyond Compliance for a Sustainable Future version 5.4 guidance manual provides assistance regarding stewardship categories frequently asked questions and information explaining how a site can achieve recognition as an environmental steward.
    stewardship pamphlet cover  
    sequential pages - best for onscreen viewing

    printing instructions

    (requires double-sided printing)
    sequential pages

    (best for onscreen viewing)
    Additional Materials  
    Keys to Qualifying for Recognition (PPT)  

    Questions regarding the Environmental Stewardship program can be emailed to or call Bureau of Compliance Support & Pollution Prevention at (609) 984-9482.

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