board & staff

Our Board

The Trust is governed by an eleven-member Board of Trustees. The Board is comprised of six representatives from the private sector and five representatives from State government. The State government members include the Commissioner of DEP and two DEP staff members designated by the Commissioner; the State Treasurer; and a member of the State House Commission. Employees of DEP's State Parks, Forests & Historic Sites serve as staff to the Trust and implement the policy set by the Board.

Margaret Waldock (Chairperson), Duke Farms Executive Director

Anne Heasly (Vice Chairperson), Program Manager of Policy and Planning, Sustainable Jersey

John Cecil, Assistant Commissioner, State Parks, Forests and Historic Sites, Department of Environmental Protection, Representing the DEP Commissioner

Emile DeVito, Director of Conservation Biology, New Jersey Conservation Foundation

Robert Jackson, New Jersey Natural Areas Council 

Alexander Sitts, NJ Department of the Treasury, Representing the State Treasurer

Honorable Bob Smith, Senator, New Jersey Legislature, Statehouse Commission Member

Larry Torok, Watershed Protection and Restoration, Department of Environmental Protection

Angie Wenger, Director for Southeastern PA Centers, Audubon Mid-Atlantic

Kelly Wenzel, Project Manager, New Jersey Audubon Society 

Judeth Yeany, Legal, Regulatory & Legislative Affairs, Department of Environmental Protection



Robert J. Cartica, Executive Director

Terry Schmidt, South Jersey Preserve Manager

Cari Wild, Real Estate Coordinator

Jason Hafstad, Statewide Preserve Manager