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2003 Press Releases
November 26, 2003 Announcement: Federal Home Loan Bank of New York
November 25, 2003 Department gratified with Standard and Poor's positive outlook on consumer home loan protection law
November 21, 2003 Fannie Mae Supports New Predatory Lending Law
November 18, 2003 Commissioner Announces Consumer Protection Actions
November 18, 2003 Mortgage Industry Rebuked Over Predatory Lending Law
November 10, 2003 Governor McGreevey: "Dollar A Day" Policy Now Available
October 27, 2003 Working Group Convened to Examine New Jersey's Health Insurance System
October 23, 2003 USAA Plans to Reduce Rates for New Jersey Drivers
October 21, 2003 Don't Be Complacent; Be Compliant
October 16, 2003 Today is Deadline for Electronic Claims
October 9, 2003 Governor's Auto Insurance Reform Continues to Produce Results
October 7, 2003 Department and Horizon Healthcare Resolve Claims Handling Violations
October 2, 2003 Commissioner Announces Contingency Plan for Health Care Claims
September 26, 2003 Moody's will rate loans subject to New Jersey's predatory lending law
September 15, 2003 DOBI urges homeowners to check their policies as storm nears
September 10, 2003 Commissioner Bakke Takes Action to Assure Availability of Malpractice Coverage
September 10, 2003 Small Employers Get $3.7 Million in Health Insurance Refunds
September 9, 2003 Banking and Insurance Commissioner Issues MEWA Caution
August 26, 2003 Benefits of McGreevey's Auto Insurance Reforms Materialize
August 25, 2003 New Jersey regulators oppose OTS stand on federal exemption
August 19, 2003 Mortgage lender agrees to honor lock-in rates
August 7, 2003 Benefits of McGreevey's Auto Insurance Reforms Materialize
August 4, 2003 Attorney General, Banking Commissioner Announce Plan to Distribute $17.7 Million Paid by Household to Settle Allegations of Predatory Lending to N.J. Borrowers
July 30, 2003 Camden Consumer Center Opens
July 25, 2003 Bulletin Explains New Predatory Lending Law
July 22, 2003 Commissioner of Banking and Insurance Calls For A Hearing
On Availability of Medical Malpractice Reinsurance
July 2, 2003 Commissioner Bakke Rejects Agents' Complaint that Allstate Tried to Avoid 'Take All Comers'
July 2, 2003 AIG Postpones Withdrawal Plan in Response To Auto Reforms
June 30, 2003 Consumer Bank and Credit Union Fees Released
June 9, 2003 McGreevey Signs Groundbreaking Auto Insurance Reforms
May 7, 2003

Commissioner Bakke Tours Trauma Center to Highlight Need for "Dollar A Day"

May 6, 2003 Department Cites Horizon Healthcare for Claims-handling Violations
April 23, 2003 Governor Creates Task Force on Urban Area Insurance
April 11, 2003 Individual Health Coverage: New Plan Option
February 28, 2003 Commissioner Bakke Extends "LAST CHANCE" Because of Availability Crisis
February 26, 2003 Commissioner: NJRe Can Process Backlog, But Department Must Enforce Consumer Protection
February 5, 2003 Commissioner Intervenes on Behalf of Physicians, Orders Medical Malpractice Insurer to Roll Back Rates
January 24, 2003 Department Cites Health Net for Withholding Mandated Benefits and Improper Reimbursement
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