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International Education

International Education in New Jersey: Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision: New Jersey citizens have the requisite knowledge to live and work effectively in a complex and dynamic world.

Mission: The creation of a systemic approach to ensure that all New Jersey students are provided with the knowledge and skills to be able to function culturally, politically and economically in a global society.


  1. To help students understand, connect to and act on critical global issues by integrating international perspectives into curricula in all core curriculum content standards areas with special emphasis on:
    • World languages instruction that includes languages central to global literacy and that are important for future economic and security needs; and
    • Social studies instruction that focuses on global issues and how to address them within the diverse social, political and economic contexts that exist worldwide.

  2. To connect student acquisition of international literacies to real world experiences both in New Jersey and beyond state and national borders.

  3. To enhance teacher capacity for international teaching excellence through pre-service education, professional development and opportunities for exchange and study abroad.