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Individual Professional Development Planning and Implementation

New Jersey requires individual Professional Development Plans (PDPs) to be created for:

  • All active teachers (defined as staff whose positions require possession of the instructional or education services certificates ), and
  • All active school leaders serving on a permanent or interim basis whose positions require possession of the chief school administrator, principal, or supervisor endorsement.
  • In addition, these requirements apply to all district boards of education, charter schools, and those nonpublic schools that choose to participate in the professional development requirements for teachers and school leaders.

Under the TEACHNJ Act, Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) are required for all staff members rated Ineffective or Partially Effective on their last annual summative evaluation. In this case, the CAP takes the place of the required individual PDP until the next summary conference, and the activities in the CAP become the priorities for the staff member's professional learning while the CAP is in effect.
In an effort to support districts, the Department is providing guidance and optional templates that outline the requirements of each type of plan, with instructions for developing the plan and sample populated plans for fictional educators for illustrative purposes only. Districts may choose to use these templates or may create PDPs and CAPs of their own that fulfill all statutory requirements.

The Department is continuing to develop additional sample PDPs and CAPs as well as templates and examples for administrator, school, and district professional development plans. To share ideas or sample PDPs or CAPs from your district (in any format), please remove any confidential or personal information and send them to

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