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Coronavirus is still active in NJ. Wear a mask. Keep a 6ft. distance in public

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Conditions for Learning

Conditions for Learning

Conditions for learning involve the social and emotional and environmental factors that can impact educator capacity to teach and student capacity to learn, including standards for maintaining healthy and safe school conditions. As schools reopen in the fall, the impact of social isolation on both educators and students must be a key area of concern.

Wraparound services and child care will need to be modified and expanded to meet student and family needs in the context of varied work and school schedules. These factors challenge school and district planning teams to focus on creative ways to optimize conditions for learning as part of planning for the return to school.

In addition to health and safety standards, this section includes strategies and resources developed by and collected from New Jersey stakeholders and educators from across the country that district and school teams can embed in their plans to meet the needs of all student groups and educators.

This section covers the following topics:

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