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Providers of Afterschool

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  • For Schools: The New Jersey Department of Education does not regulate afterschool programs within schools, however there is a multitude of research, best practice models and strategies that all schools should consider when designing an afterschool program.  One resource of particular interest to school run programs is the publication released by the National Association of Elementary School Principals entitled “Leading After-School Learning Communities – What Principals Should Know and Be Able to Do”.  This publication provides strategies for effective partnerships between after-school programs and school principals.  It identifies six standards and strategies for principals without taking on additional administrative responsibilities:

    1. Expand the vision of learning to include high-quality experiences during out-of-school time.

    2. Act as a catalyst in the community to develop quality after-school programs.

    3. Collaborate with after-school site directors to manage resources that support the full learning day.

    4. Support linkages, connections and relationships between the school day and after-school that ensure program content meets community, school and student needs.

    5. Work with after-school directors to evaluate after-school programs to ensure they achieve defined outcomes.

    6. Promote access to high quality after-school programs for all children.

    School administrators should review the resource section for additional research and best practice strategies.

  • For Non-School programs: The Department of Children and Families (DCF) regulates child care in New Jersey for programs that service children under the age of 13. DCF monitors licensed child care centers and family day care homes that are voluntarily registered with the state.  For more information, please contact the

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