• What is an Energy Master Plan?
    The 2019 Energy Master Plan (EMP) development process was begun at the directive of Governor Murphy with his signing of Executive Order 28 on March 23, 2018.  The EMP is a document that outlines the strategic vision for the state’s role in the use, management, and development of energy. The EMP is developed with the collaboration and input of a coalition of state experts working as the EMP Committee, and chaired by a senior staff member of the NJBPU.

    Mandated by law, the EMP is updated and revised periodically.  This allows for improvements to reflect changes with technology, energy, and environmental developments and demands.

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  • How did the Energy Master Plan originate?
    In 1977, New Jersey enacted a law requiring a regularly updated EMP to address the production, distribution, consumption and conservation of electricity in New Jersey. The law requires the Plan to include not only long-term objectives, but also interim measures that are consistent with and necessary to achieving those objectives. The last update to the EMP was completed in 2015.
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  • What goals has Governor Murphy outlined for the Energy Master Plan?
    The primary goal of the 2019 EMP is to set out a blueprint for the New Jersey as a leader in the 21st century energy economy over the next decade and outline a path for the conversion to 100 percent clean energy by January 1, 2050. 

    The EMP will also grow New Jersey’s clean energy economy, ensure reliability and affordability for all customers, reduce the state’s carbon footprint, and advance new technologies for all residents.

    As part of the goal to achieve 100 percent clean energy by 2050, the 2019 EMP will also incorporate Governor Murphy’s offshore wind, battery storage, and community solar goals in order to achieve the EMP’s overarching goals.

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  • How can I be involved?
    While the EMP work groups are comprised of state agency representatives, there is an important role for public stakeholders. In September, there will be five public stakeholder meetings where comments will be solicited in five areas of importance to the EMP.  Then, staff will develop a draft Plan and will hold additional public hearings in spring 2019. These comments will help to inform the final 2019 EMP document and process. It will then be finalized and submitted to the Governor in June 2019.

    Sign up today to stay informed of the process and hear about stakeholder meetings and future opportunities to be involved.


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  • Where should I send comments?
    There will be multiple opportunities for comments to be submitted and Stakeholder notices will contain deadlines to submit comments. The first deadline to submit comments is October 12, 2018 at 5 p.m..  No confidential or proprietary information should be sent as any comments received will be posted and made available on the website.  The public is encouraged to emailed comments as a word document attachment to emp.comments@bpu.nj.gov
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  • When will the plan be released?
    The final 2019 Energy Master Plan will be completed in June 2019.
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  • How can I find out more?
    Stakeholders can follow updates on the EMP website, sign up for the EMP mailing list, or periodically check the NJBPU website for more information.
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