The New Jersey Office of Information Technology (NJOIT) is the exclusive government provider of IT services for New Jersey’s Executive Branch. Originally formed as the Office of Telecommunications and Information Services (OTIS) under Governor Thomas H. Kean via Executive Order, the 2007 Office of Information Technology Reorganization Act established NJOIT in its present-day form. Composed of over 500 civil servants specializing in application development and hosting, network engineering, database administration, security operations, and other technology disciplines, our services power the business operations of dozens of agencies in Trenton and throughout the State. NJOIT's governance model ensures statewide compliance with policies and standards, from security to procurement.

NJOIT's commitment is to our client agencies and the citizens they serve. We deliver technologies that enable higher levels of productivity through interoperable collaboration and more efficient processes from automation and machine learning. NJOIT’s portfolio of services and our governance posture is designed to yield leaner budgets by pooling our purchasing power and eliminating redundant systems. Above all, in an age of digital threats, we aim to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our information systems while safeguarding the privacy of our citizens and their data.

In addition, the Office of Geographic Information Services (GIS) was created by Executive Order in 2001 within NJOIT. GIS is responsible for developing policies, standards and guidelines for the use of geographic information resources as well as the coordination of the use of these resources and technology.

NJOIT Mission

To provide and maintain the information technology infrastructure of the Executive Branch of State Government, including all ancillary departments and agencies, and to coordinate and conduct all information technology operations in the Executive Branch of State Government.