Weather Forecasts

NJ Weather & Climate Network 
National Weather Service (NOAA) (EPA)
Air Quality & Monitoring (NJ DEP) 
Air Quality Effects on Health (CDC)

Beach & Water Quality
(NJ Coastal Monitoring Program)

Office of the NJ State Climatologist 
NJ Department of Environmental Protection 

Weather Preparedness, Emergency & Alert Systems


Weather Ready Nation 
Wireless Emergency Alerts 
NOAA Ready Radio All Hazards 

NJ Cybersecurity (NJCCIC)
NJ Cybersecurity Alerts & Advisories

Homeland Security, Emergency Preparedness & Response

If You See Something, Say Something 

Preventing Terrorism
Department of Homeland Security (FEMA)
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

In the News/Current Health Events
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)

Office of Public Health Preparedness & Response (CDC)

TEXT to 911: “Call When You Can... Text If You Can't” 

School Emergency Management Virtual Toolkit
Readiness & Emergency Management for Schools (Technical Assistance)
School Guide for Developing High-Quality School Emergency Operations Plans

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

NJ COVID-19 Guidance & Updates 

State Services & Resources

NJ Office of Emergency Management
Planning & Preparation for Families
Register Ready (Emergency Response Registry for Families with Special Needs)

NJ Department of Education
School Preparedness and Emergency Planning

NJ Department of Health
Office of Local Public Health
Office of Emergency Medical Services
Public Health Emergency Preparedness & Response

Communicable Disease Service
Diseases & Health Topics (A to Z)

NJ Office of Homeland Security & Preparedness
Hometown Security
Facility Self-Assessment Tool

NJ Interfaith Advisory Council
Active Shooter Response & Training

NJ Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Cell
Suspicious Activity Reporting “See Something, Say Something”

Federal Services & Resources

Wild Fires
Winter Weather

Cold Exposure & Hypothermia
Extreme Heat & Heat Related Illnesses

Food & Water Safety
Power Outages: Safety & Preparation
Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Natural Disasters and Extreme Weather
Environmental Risks to Infant & Children's Health

Disaster Planning & Safety for Expectant & New Parents
Caring for Children During a Disaster or Traumatic Event

Safety Messages For Pregnant, Postpartum & Breastfeeding Women During Disasters

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Guidance, Information & Resources
CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) In the News/Current Health Issues

Community Resources

NJ Local Public Health Departments 
NJ 211 (Access to Community/General Resources)

American Red Cross: Finding Assistance 
American Red Cross: Helping Those in Need 
American Red Cross: Recovering After a Disaster or Emergency  

La Leche International: Breastfeeding During Emergencies

Save the Children: Emergency Response 
Save the Children: Helping Those in Need 
Save the Children: Emergency & Disaster Preparation for Children  

Save the Children: Coronavirus Outbreak (Focus and Facts on Children) 
Save the Children: Child Health, Safety & Development Risks during a Health Crisis

World Health Organization: Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19) 
World Health Organization: COVID-19, Information & Advise for the Public

National Association of School Psychologists: Talking to Children about COVID-19 
National Association of School Psychologists: Talking to Children about Crises Events (American Academy of Pediatrics): Helping Children Cope After a Disaster (American Academy of Pediatrics): COVID-19 Information & Guidance for Parents 

National PTA: School Violence and Traumatic Events 
American Psychological Association: Helping Children Manage Distress in the Aftermath of a Shooting 

Child & Family Goods and Household Resources

Places to Give, Places to Receive
NJ 211
American Red Cross 
Family Stores (Salvation Army Thrift Stores)
Toys for Tots (Marine Toys for Tots Foundation)
Goodwill Stores (Goodwill Industries International) 

NJ Parent Link Family Support Resources


Contact Us 
Stress Busters 
Site Instructions
In Case of Emergency
Family Support Services 

County Contacts & Local Links
Multi-Language & Multi-Cultural Resources
In the News (NJ State Press Release Updates) 
NJ COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Guidance and Updates 

Hurricane Sandy Information & Resources

Hurricane Sandy Information Center 
Hurricane Sandy Relief & Assistance Guide 
Hurricane Sandy Healthcare & Public Health Resource Guide 
Hurricane Sandy Children & Families Services, Mental Health Resources & Support 

Professional Resources

The New Jersey Center for School Safety 
NJ OHSP Training & Exercise Resources & Capabilities

NJLINCS (New Jersey's Health Alert/Health Services Portal) 
Public Health Emergency: Public Health & Medical Emergency Support
(US DHHS, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness & Response)