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Record Group: Department of Environmental Protection
Subgroup: Division of Parks & Forestry
Series: Photographs Filed by Subject, ca. 1930s-1970s
Accession #: 1993.090
Series #:  SENPA001
Guide Date:  12/1993 (JK); rev. 7/1999 (EC); updated 7/2004, 3/2006 (JMN)
Volume: 11 c.f. [23 boxes, 1 oversized photograph)

Box List | Contents

Content Note

This series contains photographic prints, slides and negatives of views of New Jersey parks, forests, historical sites and markers, and events associated with the Division of Parks and Forestry of the former Department of Environmental Protection. The items are filed by subject, as listed below. Prints and negatives occasionally have a print or negative number on the corresponding print or negative. This numbering is not consistent. At the time of accession, nearly three cubic feet of material was unfiled. Unfiled items which included identification or could be matched to other views were filed under the appropriate subject. Unlabeled material has been filed under broad subject headings (i.e., Aerials, Buildings) and marked as unidentified.

Box List
(click on box number for full list of photographs)
Box 1 Absecon Lighthouse to Atlantic City State Marina
Box 2 Atlantic City State Marina to Belleplain State Forest Map
Box 3 Belleplain State Forest: Recreation to Cape May: Buildings; William Bates House
Box 4 Cape May: Lighthouse to Connecticut Farms
Box 5 Corson's Inlet to Fire Towers
Box 6 Fishing/Fish to Hacklebarney State Park: Old Hemlock
Box 7 Hacklebarney State Park: Recreation to Indian King, Haddonfield
Box 8 Industry to Lake Hopatcong: Grounds
Box 9 Lake Hopatcong: Grounds to Liberty State Park
Box 10 Lifeguards to Morven: Buildings; Outbuildings
Box 11 Morven: Buildings; Pool and Pool House to Penn State Forest
Box 12 Perth Amboy to Ringwood Manor/Shepherd Lake
Box 13 Ringwood Manor: Buildings to Sandy Hook: Buildings; Main Building
Box 14 Sandy Hook: Buildings; Main Entrance to Skylands: Buildings: Skyland Manor
Box 15 Skylands: Buildings; View of Maple Drive to Springfield
Box 16 Spruce Run to State House
Box 17 State Seal to Stryker, Carol
Box 18 Surfing to Swartswood Park
Box 19 Swimming to Voorhees State Park: Scenic; Panorama
Box 20 Voorhees State Park: Scenic; Roads to Washington Crossing State Park: Buildings; Nelson House
Box 21 Washington Crossing State Park: Buildings; Niederer Farm to Washington Crossing State Park; Scenic; Views of the Park
Box 22 Washington Crossing State Park: Scenic; Winter Scenes to Worthington State Forest
Box 23 Oversized Prints; Titusville Aerial

(click on selected descriptions below for enlarged view)

Sampling of Images

Box 1

Absecon Lighthouse

Absecon Lighthouse, no date [1 item].

Aerials, unidentified

Aerial of roadway, unidentified, no date [1 item].
Aerial, unidentified, no date [2 items].

Allaire State Park

  Allaire Village, miscellaneous views, no date [Two 8" x 10" B&W proof sheets, one sheet B&W 35mm negatives].
  Antique Shop, interior, no date [2 items].
  Bakery, 1940 [1 item].
  Blacksmith, no date [2 items, one B&W 35mm negative].
  Carpenter Shop, no date [8 items].
    Exterior, 1965 and no date [3 items, one B&W 35mm negative].
    Organ, 1959 [6 items].
    Wedding, 1960 [12 items].
  Foreman's Cottage, no date [3 items].
  Furnace, 1936 and no date [4 items, one B&W 35mm negative].
  Restroom Facilities, exterior, no date [1 item, one B&W 35mm negative].
  Ringwood Manor, interior, no date [1 item].
  School, exterior, 1961 [1 item].
  Stable, exterior, 1960 [1 item].
  Store, no date [8 items].
  Street Sign, 1960 [1 item].
  Toll Booth Office, 1957 [1 item].
  U.S. Post Office, August 26, 1969 [1 item].
  Unidentified buildings, no date [2 items].
  Visitors Center, exterior, no date [1 item].
  Von Steuben House, exterior, 1965-66 [2 items].
  Making movie for Humble Oil Company, no date [1 item].
  Nature talk for children, no date [1 item, one B&W 35mm negative].
  Unidentified, group photos, no date [9 items, eight 4" x 5" B&W negatives].
Models, no date [12 items].
  Allaire Train Depot, exterior, 1968 and no date [5 items].
  Engine and railroad cars, 1963, 1968 and no date [16 items].
  Pine Creek Railroad Logo, no date [1 item].
  Pine Creek Railroad Scenic Line, July 1969 [2 items].
  Railroadiana Shop, November 19, 1968 [1 item].
  Camping, Picnics, Scenic, no date [11 items].
  Hiking, no date [5 items, one B&W 35mm negative].
  Horses, 1949-1960 and no date [14 items].
  Playground, 1959 and no date [3 items].
  Landscape, unidentified, no date [Two B&W 4" x 5" negatives].
  Mill Pond, no date [1 item, one B&W 35mm negative].
  Pamphlets, Publications, Notes, no date [3 items].

Allamuchy Mountain State Park

  Unidentified men, no date [2 items].
  Hackettstown Reservoir Site, 1968 [3 items].
  Allamuchy Mountain State Park, no date [1 item].
None Selected.

  Fawn, no date [One 5" x 7" Color Transparency].
  Horses carting wagon of barrels, no date [1 item].
  Skull, unidentified, no date [1 item].
  Skunk, no date [1 item].
  Turtle, no date [1 item].
  Fly, no date [1 item].
None Selected.
Archaeological Finds

Pottery, 1957 [12 items].
Tools, 1957 [2 items].
None Selected.
Arney's Mount Meetinghouse

Arney's Mount Meetinghouse, exterior, no date [1 item].

Asbury Park

Amusement Rides, no date [8 items].
None Selected.
Atlantic City

  Atlantic City Coastline, 1969 [4 items].
Boats, unidentified, no date [1 item].
Country Clubs:
  Atlantic City Country Club at Northfield, no date [1 item].
  Longwood Country Club, no date [1 item].
  Sea View Golf Club, no date [1 item].

Atlantic City State Marina

  Boardwalk, beach and ocean in view, no date [1 item].
  Marina on coastline, no date [Three 8" x 10" color prints].
  Deputy Commissioner Richard Sullivan, Deputy Commissioner Joseph Barber and Terminal Superintendent Charles Law, group photo, no date [1 item].
  Frank S. Farley State Marina, no date [1 item].
  Resolution, group photo, unidentified, no date [2 items].
Farley Atlantic City Marina, 1969 [11 items].
Marina Building:
  Exterior, 1959 [5 items].

Box 15

Atlantic City State Marina [cont'd]

Exterior with view of waterfront, 1969 [1 item].
Marina building, interior, 1959 [1 item].
None Selected. 
Atlantic County

Proof Sheets:
  Early Meetinghouse [1 item].
  Franklin Inn, Port Republic [1 item].
  Richard Somers birthplace [1 item].
  Smith's Meeting House marker [1 item].
  Unidentified [1 item].
 None Selected.
Atomic Parks:

  Model Atomic Industrial Park, 1960 [8 items, two 4" x 5" B&W negatives].
  S. S. Savannah, no date [1 item].
 None Selected.

  Camping, no date [2 items].
 None Selected.
Barnegat Lighthouse

  Aerials, 1963 and no date [17 items, one 8" x 10" negative].
Barnegat Inlet:
  Boats in Inlet, no date [2 items].
  Centennial Celebration, 1957-58 [1 item].
  Freight aground off shore at Barnegat Lighthouse, 1963 [5 items].
  Entrance, 1960 [1 item].
  Lens, 1960 [4 items].
  Lighthouse, no date [7 items].
  Lighthouse, no date [3 items, one 5" x 7" B&W half-tone negative].
  Scenic, no date [1 item].
  Beach, 1960 and no date [6 items and 2 strips of B&W 35mm negatives and one proof sheet].
  Fishing, 1960 and no date [4 items - see also Beach for 35mm negatives].
  Painting, 1960 [1 item].
  Picnic, 1960 [1 item].
  Swimming, no date [1 item].
  Lt. George Gordon Meade, 1957-60 and no date [9 items].
  Pamphlets, Publications and miscellaneous items, no date [2 items].

Bass River

  Bass River, no date [1 item].
Boating and Sailing:
  Boating and Sailing, 1967 [7 items].
  Bathouse, 1967 and no date [4 items].
  Cabin, no date [4 items].
  Picnic Pavilion, 1959, and no date [2 items].
  Camping, 1967 and no date [8 items].
  New Jersey Chapter S. A. F., 1962 [2 items].
  Fishing, 1967 and no date [6 items].
  Bass River Pine Forest, 1942 and no date [7 items, three 8" x 10" B&W negatives].
  Stage Road, Camden to Tuckerton, no date [4 items, One 8" x 10" B&W negative and three B&W 4" x 5" negatives].
  Hiking and walking, 1967 [3 items].
  Bass River Map, 1962 [1 item].
  Picnicking at Bass River, 1959, 1967 and no date [8 items and three 4" x 5" B&W negatives].
  Cedar swamp, 1912 [1 item].
  Scenic, 1962 and no date [5 items, and one 4" x 5" B&W negative].
  Beach facility, 1967 and no date [8 items].
Unidentified, no date [3 items].
Pamphlets, Publications and miscellaneous items, 1969 [1 item].


  Batsto Village, no date [1 item].
  Main Building, no date [1 item].
  Pink Moccasin Flower, 1932 [1 item].
  Nature, unidentified, May 1971 [3 items].

Beach Erosion

Atlantic City, Beach erosion, May 1973 [4 proof sheets].
Ocean City, Beach erosion, May 1973 [1 proof sheet].
None Selected. 
Beach Haven

Swimming, no date [1 item].
 None Selected.
Beach Scenes

Unidentified, beach scenes, 1947 and no date [20 items].
 None Selected.
Belle Mountain

Skiing, January 1972 [1 item].

Belleplain State Forest

  Headquarters Camp S-80, no date [1 item].
  Snack Bar, 1968 [1 item].
  Unidentified, no date [3 items].
Lake Nummy, no date [8 items, three 8" x 10" B&W negatives].
Map, Belleplain State Forest, no date [2 items].

Box 3

Belleplain State Forest [cont'd]

  Camping, 1968 [6 items].
  Picnicking, 1968 [6 items].
  Playground, 1968 [1 item].
  Swimming, 1968 [16 items].
Signs, no date [4 items].

Bergen County Wildlife Center, Wyckoff

Bergen County Wildlife Center, no date [1 item].

Bergen Neck Fort

  Historic Marker, unveiling, 1961 [1 item and one press release].
Historic Marker, 1961 [11 items].
 None Selected.
Berlet, Walter

Moose, 2 January 1966 [1 item].
Portrait of nature photographer Walter Berlet with camera, no date [1 item].

 None Selected.

Birds in winter, no date [6 items].
Mother owl with babies, color painting, no date [1 item].
Egret, no date [One 5" x 7" B&W copy negative from line drawing].
Unidentified, 1969 and no date [11 items].


Canoeing, no date [2 items].
Two men in rowboat, unidentified, no date [1 item].
Unidentified, no date [1 item].
 None Selected.
Boudinot Mansion (Boxwood Hall)

Boudinot Coat of Arms, no date [1 item].
Boxwood Hall:
  Bedroom, 1956 [2 items].
  Dayton Room, 1956 [3 items].
  Dining Room, 1956 [1 item].
  Exterior, no date [9 items].
  Furniture, no date [1 item].
  Grounds of Boudinot Mansion, no date [2 items].
  Sign, 1956 [1 item].
Elias Boudinot, painted portrait, no date [1 item].

Branch Brook Park

Artist painting cherry blossom trees, no date [1 item].
Cherry blossom trees, 1963 [21 items].

Covered Bridge, Sergeantsville, no date [1 item].
Covered Bridge, Rosemont-Sergeantsville Road, pen and ink drawing, no date [2 items].
Unidentified, no date [2 items].


  Brigantine Aerial Survey, 1969 [18 items]
Budd Lake

  Views of region between Riegelsville and Milford, no date [13 items].
 None Selected.
Buildings, unidentified

Building with cannon, no date [1 item].
Buildings, unidentified, no date [One 35mm sheet B&W negatives].
Dam, unidentified, no date [1 item].
Farm, no date [3 items and one 8” x 10” B&W negative].
Farm and outbuildings, panorama, no date [8 items and four 8” x 10” B&W negatives].
Park Office Building, no date [2 items].
Park Office Building, 1 June 1968 [2 items].
Parking Lot, no date [3 items].
Snack Bar, 1 June 1968 [1 item].
Staircase [detail of column capital], no date [1 item].

Burlington and Bordentown

  Unidentified, exterior, no date [34 items].
  Unidentified, no date [1 item].
  St. Mary's Church, Burlington, no date [1 item].
  Unidentified, no date [1 item].
  Delaware River at Burlington, no date [1 item].
  Grant House, exterior, no date [1 item].
  Sons of Colonial Wars Monument, no date [1 item].
  St. Mary's Hall, exterior, no date [1 item].
  West Jersey Proprietors, exterior, no date [1 item].
  West Jersey Proprietors, plaque, no date [1 item].
  Wharf, no date [1 item].

Buttermilk Falls

Buttermilk Falls, no date [3 items].

Capgaw Mountain

Capgaw Mountain Ski Center, no date [1 item].
 None Selected.

Campfire cooking, Boy Scouts, no date [1 item].
Camp Site sign, no date [1 item].
Kayaking, no date [1 item].
Tent camping, no date [4 items].
Tent camping, 1 June 1968 [4 items].
Trailer camping, no date [5 items].

 None Selected.
Cape May

  Cape May Northern end of city, 1953 [1 item].
  Aerials, unidentified, no date [1 item].
  Bunker, no date [1 item].
  Eli Teal House, no date [1 item].
  William Bates House, 1960 [8 items].

Box 4

Cape May [cont'd]

  Lighthouse, no date [1 item].
  Cape May Map, no date [1 item].
  Beach, 1968 and no date [5 items].
  Fishing, 1966 [2 items].
  Cape May Court House, no date [1 item].
Cape May Point State Park

  Beach, no date [7 items].
  Buildings, unidentified, no date [1 item].
  Unidentified, no date [6 items].
  Lighthouse, no date [1 item].
  Sign, no date [1 item].
None Selected.
Cattle Corral

Cattle Corral, no date [1 item].

Cedar Bridge Fire Tower

  Cedar Bridge Fire Tower, no date [6 items].
Cedar Marshes, Newark

Cedar Marshes, Newark, 1936 [1 item].
Cheesequake State Park

  Unidentified, 1937 and no date [16 items and 13 8" x 10" B&W negatives].
  Headquarters State Park Office, no date [9 items].
  Snack Bar Pavilion, 1959, 1968, 1970 and no date [14 items].
  Swartswood, September, 1964 [1 item].
  Unidentified, no date [10 items].
Parking Lot, no date [2 items].
Perrine Clay Pits, 2 October year unidentified [4 items].
  Beach, 1968, 1970 and no date [5 items].
  Camping, 1968, 1970 and no date [16 items, one sheet B&W 35mm negatives].
  Fishing, no date [3 items].
  Hiking, 1968 and no date [4 items].
  Picnic Grove, 1962, 1968, 1970 and no date [16 items and one 4" x 5" B&W negative].
  Playground, 1970 and no date [6 items].
  Swimming, 1968, 1970 and no date [31 items].
Scenic, no date [6 items].
Signs, 1959, 1970 [3 items].

Chesapeake Mill, Wickham, U.K.

Chesapeake Mill, exterior [1 item].
 None Selected.
Christ Church, Shrewsbury

Church, interior, no date [1 item].

 None Selected.
Churches, unidentified

Churches, exterior, unidentified, no date [8 items].
 None Selected.
Clara Barton School

Clara Barton, Portrait, no date [9 items].
Schoolhouse, exterior, no date [1 item].

Clean Air Exhibit

Clean Air Exhibit, no date [One 4" x 5" B&W negative].

 None Selected.
Cleveland, Grover - Birthplace, Caldwell 

Grover Cleveland House:
  Cradle (which Grover Cleveland was born in), 1958 and no date [2 items].
  Exterior, 1932 and no date [2 items].
  Fishing equipment, 1958 [1 item].
  Interior, Kitchen, no date [1 item].
  Interior, unidentified, 1958 [1 item].
  Piano, no date [1 item].
  Well (behind house), 1958 [1 item].
  Marriage License, Inauguration hat, Mrs. Cleveland's Bridal Wreath, Campaign badges etc., Silver dollar (which paid for marriage certificate), photograph of wedding party, 1960 [1 item].
  Wagon House or Garage, 1958 [1 item].
  Arborists Association of NJ present proclamation, 29 April 1949 [1 item].
  Grover Cleveland, oil painting, no date [1 item].
  Mrs. Cleveland, oil painting, 1962 [1 item].
  Mrs. Frances Fulson Cleveland (wife of the President), oil painting 1962 [1 item].

Collier Mills 

Collier Mills, scenic of lake, no date [2 items].
None Selected. 
Connecticut Farms

Connecticut Farms Presbyterian Church, exterior, no date [13 items].
Connecticut Farms Presbyterian Church, exterior, Plaque, 1970 [1 item].
Connecticut Farms Presbyterian Church, interior, 1970 [2 items].

Box 5

Corson's Inlet

Corson's Inlet, no date [1 item].

Lawrence crest, no date [1 item].
 None Selected.

Dam site, no date [1 item and one 8" x 10" B&W negative].
 None Selected.
Delaware and Raritan Canal

Bull's Island:
  Bridge, 1968 [6 items].
  Camping, no date [7 items].
  Picnic Area, 1968 and no date [4 items].
  Recreation Buildings and shed, 1968 and no date [8 items].
  Scenic, 1968 and no date [9 items].
Delaware and Raritan Canal:
  Canoeing on the Canal, Titusville, no date [1 item].
  Griggstown Lock, no date [1 item].
  Group of children at canal, Franklin Township, no date [1 item].
  Scenic, on the canal, 1971 and no date [3 items].
  Towpath, no date [2 items].

Delaware River

Bathing in the Delaware River, Fort Mott State Park, 21 May 1961 [1 item].
Boat ramps enhance the use of the upper Delaware River for boaters, no date [1 item].
Delaware River, June 1967 [One 35mm color slide].
Ice on the Delaware River, 20 January 1971 [6 items].
Snorkeling and other water sports on the upper Delaware River, no date [1 item].

Delaware Water Gap

Aerial, Tock Island, no date [1 item].
Dredging on the Delaware River near Camden, no date [1 item].
Delaware Water Gap, scenic, 1960 and no date [14 items].
Delaware Water Gap, scenic, 1966 [1 color print].
Delaware Water Gap looking South from New Jersey, no date [3 items].
Kittany Ridge, no date [1 item].
Tocks Island, Worthington State Forest, no date [1 item].
View of Delaware Water Gap from PA side above R. R. Bridge, north of Portland, no date [1 item].

Dey Mansion

Dey Mansion, exterior, no date [1 item].

Douglass House

Douglass House, exterior, 1974 [2 items].

  Cabin at Drumthwacket, no date [1 item].
  Exterior, front view, no date [1 item].
  Exterior, rear view, 1968 and no date [4 items].
  Fireplace (at Christmas), 1968 [1 item].
  Garage, no date [1 item].
  Garden & Fountain, 1968 and no date [3 items].
  Christmas, International Festival, no date [10 items].
Olden House:
  Exterior, no date [2 items].

Dutch Parsonage

Dutch Parsonage, exterior, no date [1 item, 1 B&W 4" x 5" negative].

 None Selected.
Edison, Menlo Park

Edison Tower, no date [12 items].
Menlo Park Laboratory, 1876-1886, illustrations, no date [2 items].
  Edison Kinetoscope, Edison Standard Phonograph and Wireless, 1958 and no date [3 items].
  Original tinfoil phonograph, no date [1 item].
  Bamboo filament lamp, manufactured lamp at Menlo and first successful lamp, no date [1 item].
Thomas A. Edison:
  Bronze bust, no date [2 items].
  Stone monument on Rt. 27, 1958 [1 item].
  Lamp monument, no date [1 item].
  Monument at Menlo Park, no date [1 item].
  Museum, exterior, 1958, 1959 [2 items].
  Museum, interior, no date [2 items].


Group photo, unidentified Parks & Forestry employees, except man on far right Richard J. Sullivan, DEP, no date [1 item].
Group photo, Paul Stern, unidentified woman, Barbara Leon and Dan Rozger, no date
[1 color print].
Group photo, Paul Sedor, Karen Mersereu, Gail Walling and unidentified man, no date
[1 color print].
 None Selected.

Children and adults at outdoor event, unidentified, no date [1 color item].
Group photo, unidentified, no date {Two sheets 35mm color negatives].
Meeting, unidentified, no date [1 item].
Press event, unidentified, no date [1 item].
Unidentified, December 1969 and no date [15 items].
Unidentified woman at desk, no date [1 item].
 None Selected.
Farmingdale Tower (Monmouth County) 

Aerial, Farmingdale Tower, no date [1 item].
 None Selected.
Finns Point

Monument, 1966 and no date [25 items].
Rotunda Monument, 1958 and no date [29 items].
Sign, Finn's Point, no date [1 item].

Fire Engines

Lawrence Fire Department, Engine 4, no date [1 item].

Fire Towers, unidentified

Fire Towers, unidentified, no date [3 items].

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