IBNO's Agencies

1 Legislature
6 Chief Exec
10 Agriculture
14 Banking and Insurance
16 Children and Families
22 Community Affairs 
  Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ)
  8030-090010 Urban Enterprise Zone
  Fund Code 763 UEZ Trust
26 Corrections
  Division of Parole Board
  7010 Division of Parole Board
  7280 Parole Board
34 Education
42 Environmental Protection
  Palisades Interstate
  4876 Palisades Interstate Park Commission
  Highlands Council
  4800-993050 Highlands Commission
  Pinelands Commission
  4800-993100 Pinelands Commission
  Mosquito Control Commission 
  4800-993020 Mosquito Control Commission
46 Health & Senior Services
54 Human Services
  Catastrophic Illness in Children Commission
  7500-456 Fund - Catastrophic Illness in Children Commission
62 Labor
  4555 Public Employment Relations Commission
  4556 Public Employment Relations Appeal Board
  Civil Service Commission
  4575 Personnel Policy Development and General Administration
  4580 Commission Services
66 Law & Public Safety
  Election Law Enforcement
  1420 Election Law Enforcement
  State Ethics Commission
  1450 State Ethics Commission
  Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness
  1005 Homeland Security
  Juvenile Justice Commission
  1500 Division of Juvenile Services
  1505 New Jersey Training School for Boys
  1510 Juvenile Justice Commission
67 Military and Veterans’ Affairs 
74 State 
  Commission on Higher Education
  2400 Commission on Higher Ed.
  Public Broadcasting Authority
  2570 Public Broadcasting Authority
78 Transportation
  Motor Vehicle Commission
  6400 Motor Vehicle Commission
  New Jersey Transit
  6050 Public Transportation Services
  6051 Bus Operations
  6052 Rail Operations
  6053 Corporate Operations
  6056 Purchased Transportation
  6059 Light Rail Operations
82 Treasury
  Board of Public Utilities
  2003 Management and Admin
  2004 Office of Cable Television
  2007 Division of Gas
  2008 Division of Electric
  2009 Division of Water and Sewer
  2012 Division of Telecommunication
  2014 Division of Energy Planning and Conservation
  2016 Regulatory Support Services
  2019 Division of Service Evaluation
  2058 Energy Assistance Programs-Board of Public Utilities
  Casino Control Commission
  2095 Casino Control Commission
  Commerce Commission
  2041 New Jersey Commerce Commission
  2043 Economic Development Authority (EDA)
  2049 New Jersey Motion Picture and TV Development Commission
  2059 Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority
  Office of the State Comptroller
  2066 Office of the State Comptroller
  Office of Administrative Law
  2026 Office of Administrative Law
  Office of the Public Defender
  2021 Office of the Public Defender - Trial
  2022 Division of Mental Health Advocacy
  2023 Dispute Settlement Office
  2024 Office of the Public Defender - Appellate
  2025 Office of the Public Defender - Administration
  Division of Elder Advocacy/Ombudperson for the Institutionalized Elderly
  2097 Division of Elderly Advocacy/ Ombudperson for the Institutionalized Elderly
  Division of Rate Counsel
  2096 Division of Rate Counsel
  Corrections Ombudsperson 
  2089 Corrections Ombudsperson
  Commission of Science and Technology 
  2042 Science and Technology Commission
  Office of Information Technology 
  2034 Office of Information Technology
  Capital City Redevelopement Corporation 
  2145 Capital City Redevelopment Corporation
  Garden State Preservation Trust
  2069 Garden State Preservation Trust
  Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse
  2000 Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse
90 Miscellaneous Exec
94 Interdepartmental