Public Payroll

This payroll data for public employees is updated quarterly and displayed by calendar year. It includes Executive Branch departments, the Legislature, the Judiciary and independent authorities. Employees on leave are also listed, though they may not have received State or authority pay during all or part of the year.

We publish a file for departments and agencies (Agency Payroll) that use the State’s Central Payroll System and a file for independent authorities (Authority Payroll) that maintain their own payroll systems.

We have also combined other functionality onto these master data files, such as:

Public Payroll Explorer

The Payroll Explorers enable multiple ways to search for payroll data. The dataset includes the annual salary and the regular earnings for the calendar year to date. This data also includes overtime payments, other miscellaneous payments, the agency where the person works, the job title, and, if the worker is in a union, the bargaining unit. Using the Explorer, you can search on any combination of: calendar year, employee name, department/agency/authority, title, employee relations group (bargaining unit), salary and overtime. The dataset is also available directly. It is updated quarterly.

This data is for employees paid by Departments and Agencies through the State’s Central Payroll System. All employees will have a master record and one or more detail records. The master record aggregates detail records that represent multiple payroll types and payments to the same employee by multiple agencies. It is updated quarterly.

This data is for employees paid by independent Authorities. There is one record per employee per authority. If an employee has worked or works for two or more authorities in the same calendar year, there will be two or more independent records for that employee. It is updated quarterly.

Looking for Other Payroll Files?

All Available Payroll Files (A list of all datasets, views, reports and other documents related to Payroll). The payroll datasets include dataset descriptions (metadata). They also provide the ability to sort and filter in multiple ways, produce reports and charts and download complete or partial datasets as raw data.