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NJ Shared Responsibility Requirement

Income or Life Changes

Specific income or life events that will qualify you for a special enrollment period. These events are detailed below.

  • Got married
  • Had a baby, adopted a child, or placed a child for foster care
  • Got divorced or legally separated and lost health insurance
  • Someone on your marketplace plan died and as a result you are not eligible for your current health plan
  • Moved to a new home in a different zip code or county
  • Moved to New Jersey from a different state, country or United States territory
  • Moved to and from the place you attend school (if a student)
  • Moved to or from the place you both live and work (as a seasonal worker)
  • Moved to or from a shelter or transitional housing

You must prove that you had insurance for one or more days during the previous 60 days before you moved, unless you are from a foreign country or United States territory.

If you or any household member either lost health coverage in the last 60 days or expects to lose coverage in the next 60 days, you may qualify if you(r):

  • Involuntarily lose your job based health coverage, or a family member or guardian loses their coverage that you were a part of (e.g. Your father loses his job and health insurance is provided through his employer);
  • Lose health care coverage as you are no longer a dependent;
  • Lose eligibility for a student health plan;
  • No longer live in the plan’s service area;
  • Individual or group health plan coverage year is ending in the middle of the calendar year and you choose not to renew it;
  • Lose your Medicaid eligibility; or
  • Child ages off CHIP.
  • You become a New Jersey resident
  • You leave incarceration
  • Starting or ending service as an Americorps, VISTA or NCCC member

Last Updated: Thursday, 02/10/22