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Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services

New Jersey's Modernized e-File (MeF) Forms

The following form types can be e-filed through the State of New Jersey MeF Platform:

Corporations - Forms CBT100/100S and Related Forms and Schedules
Estate and Trust - Form 1041
Individuals - Form 1040 Family and Related Forms and Schedules
Partnerships - Forms NJ1065/NJCBT1065 and Related Forms and Schedules
CBT100 NJ1041 NJ1040 NJ1065
CBT100S NJ1041SB NJ1040NR CBT1065
CBT-160A NJ2210 NJ1040X CBT160
CBT-160B NJ-NRA Sch A Part 200T
Schedule A Sch A Sch B CBT206
Schedule A-2 Sch A SB NJ2210 NJ1065E
Schedule A-3 Sch B NJ2450 Sch A
Schedule A-4 Sch B - SB NJW2 Sch B
Schedule A-5 Sch C NJ-NRA Sch J
Schedule A-GR Sch C-SB Sch BUS-1 Sch L
Schedule AM Sch D Sch BUS-2 Sch PD
Schedule B Sch E NJCBTK1 Sch T
Schedule C Sch E - SB NJ1065K1 NJ1065K1
Schedule C-1 Sch G Worksheet A NJ-NRA
NJK1 (CBT) NJ1041K1 Worksheet B Worksheet GITEP
Schedule E NJSBK1 Worksheet C NJ1065ES
Schedule F NJ630 NJ630
Schedule G NJ1041ES NJ1040ES
Schedule H
Schedule J
Schedule KL
Schedule K
Schedule M
Schedule P
Schedule P-1
Schedule PC
Schedule Q
Schedule R
Schedule S
Annual Report
Form 300
Form 301
Form 302
Form 303
Form 304
Form 305
Form 306
Form 308
Form 310
Form 311
Form 312
Form 313
Form 315
Form 316
Form 317
Form 318
Form 319
Form 320
Form 321
Form 322
Form 323
Form 324
Form 325
Form 401
Form 500
Form 501
Schedule G-2
Schedule N
Schedule O
Worksheet GIT-DEP

Last Updated: Tuesday, 12/10/19