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Division of Risk Management


The Division of Risk Management serves all three branches (Judiciary, Executive and Legislative) of the New Jersey State government by:

  • Investigating and adjusting claims made against the State or on behalf of the State, stemming from accidents or incidents involving property damage and bodily injury;
  • Administering the Foster Parent Liability Program and adjusting all claims filed against said program;
  • Ensuring cost effective administration of claims filed against the State of New Jersey, its departments, and agencies, while maintaining the highest ethical standards in the claims management industry;
  • Providing active leadership in reducing risk and the loss to persons and property;
  • Determining and providing the most cost effective methods of absorbing or transferring the cost of loss to State assets and injury to State employees; and
  • Promoting proper stewardship of State assets through systematic inspections of State properties, development of safety protocols and safety initiatives


Contact Information

Michael Smith, Director
Peter Ramos, Assistant Director

Tel.: 609-292-1850
Fax: 609-292-2437
Division of Risk Management
PO Box 620
Trenton, New Jersey 08625

Last Updated: Friday, 06/28/24