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Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services

Reciprocal Certification

Businesses seeking to secure or maintain a reciprocal certification in a state that requires a site visit may schedule an online visit with our certification team. Use the email address below and send an email titled "Request for Remote Site Visit" addressed to the Deputy Director, NJ Registry Services.

In your request:
  1. List your official business name and NJ certification number;
  2. Indicate the state that requires the visit;
  3. Confirm that your request is being made in connection with a reciprocal agreement requiring a site visit;
  4. Provide the citation(s) to the state’s law and/or regulations that require the visit; and
  5. Upload the text of the law and/or regulations.
  6. Upon receipt of your request, our certification team will contact you and provide the date/time of the remote visit, access instructions and a list of questions and information that the certification team will cover during the visit.

    Email to Schedule Remote Site Visit

Last Updated: Tuesday, 10/17/23