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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the direct computer-to-computer exchange and processing of standard business forms from one business application to another. The main elements of EDI are data exchange, message translation and processing and integration into various applications.

As part of implementation of electric retail choice or retail competition pursuant to the Electric Discount and Energy Competition Act (EDECA) in 1999, the Board of Public Utilities approved an EDI protocol as the authorized manner for third party suppliers (TPSs) to enroll customers and exchange billing and metering information with electric distributions companies (EDCs). Thereafter, the gas distribution companies (GDC's) began using EDI.

The Electric EDI documents listed below are considered final for use in New Jersey. Because these are multi-state documents, we will remove the red-lining and post clean documents once they are finalized in the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware.

Electric EDI Documents
248 Writeoff [pdf 151k]

568 Collections [pdf 294k]

810 ESP Consolidated Bill [pdf 355k]
810 LDC Consolidated Bill [pdf 1400k]

814 Advance Notice of Intent to Drop R&R [pdf 379k]
814 Change R&R [pdf 1300k]

814 Drop R&R [pdf 553k]

814 Enrollment R&R [pdf 1400k]

814 Reinstatement R&R [pdf 975k]

820 Payment Remittance [pdf 392k]

824 Application Advice [pdf 465k]

867 Historical Interval Usage [pdf 637k]

867 Historical Usage [pdf 572k]

867 Interval Usage [pdf 1150k]

867 Monthly Usage [pdf 698k]

Process Flows for Electric Deregulation [pdf 1786k]

Blank Change Control Form [doc 664k]

Natural Gas EDI Documents
810 LDC Consolidated Bill           
814 Change R&R      
814 Drop R&R          
814 Enrollment R&R
814 Reinstatement R&R
820 Payment / Remittance                
824 Application Advice                    
867 Historical Usage
867 Monthly Usage
Blank Change Control Form
Process Flows for Gas Deregulation